Acquisitions of Online Education Firms is a Real Positive Outcome!

  • One of the few areas that saw phenomenal growth following the declaration of the pandemic and the hardships brought forth as a consequence of many diverse fields of economy shutting down is the timely emergence of the digital medium. Digitalization has assumed such ubiquitous presence in our lives following the forced inactivity that the society’s shift and acceptance of the medium have been one of abundant relief for its sheer ease of availability as well as seamless transition proving to be a great enabler in times of distress.

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  • One of the major fallouts of the pandemic was felt by the crucial education sector which was forced to adopt novel ways to stay relevant in continuing to impart knowledge. In a boon of sorts, the education sector embraced the online teaching methodology with consummate ease and since, has seen some really interesting changes unfolding. As the keen observers would have noticed the symptoms on display vis-à-vis important transition underway in the form of the growing frequency of acquisitions among online education firms or edtechs, as the moniker goes now.
  • The trend has steadily picked up giving credence to the viability of the medium having succeeded in receiving wider approval from the real patrons’ viz. parents and students. The most recent instance is the acquisition of brick and mortar test preparation firm Aakash Educational Services by increasingly impressive online education major Byju’s in a deal valued at nearly $1 billion. Make no mistake, the eye-grabbing animal spirits visible greatly underline new pathways for improving the quality of online education to a boundless extent.


  • As you are all aware, Indian education companies have been working around a hybrid model combining offline and online methodologies of teaching for a very long time now. Schools always will occupy the prime position in providing education in a time-tested comprehensive sense where conventional classroom pedagogy is an accepted norm. Supplementing school education in a big way is the ever-expanding tuition market involving in-person teachings as well. With the advent of online education firms, tailoring lessons for a diverse universe of students will be accomplished eradicating the sharp differences in educational quality. The education sector is truly underway to embrace technology-based learning.
  • One of the biggest advantages of the online education medium through the use of technology is the bridging of the palpable gap between the students arising owing to economic inequality. We have seen and heard innumerable stories about how the highly competitive environment of entrance tests is stimulated by spawning an entire coaching industry like Kota in Rajasthan preparing thousands of students for professional courses. One of the few welcome changes post pandemics is the eradication of overlap between the offline and online education world.
  • The entire education sector lapping up hybrid mode of pedagogy where equal importance is accorded to both offline and online learnings is here to stay accelerating the acceptance amongst all concerned. Technology is always considered to essay the role of an enabler and here too, the online education companies will have an impact on the quality of teaching undertaken by brick and mortar schools forcing them to improve to stay relevant. A win-win situation for the students and education sector for sure.

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