USA is Polarized and Stands Divided Over Trumps Impeachment Trial!

  • The narrative was obvious from the way things have unfolded in the United States of America over the last few months leading up to the Presidential election pitting against the nationalistic fervor as espoused by the Republicans and libertarian viewpoints embraced by the Democrats. As expected, though Joe Biden led Democratic party was elected to run the country for a term of four years, the humongous amount of vitriolic opposition put up by the Donald Trump-led Republican challenge on the back of viciously polarizing electoral campaigning was a black dot that will not be erased quickly. In fact, the healing will take a long time.


  • It would be an understatement to mention that the entire world’s attention was focused on how the oldest democratic country succeeds in ensuring a fair and unbiased electoral process eventually culminates. As Trump had made no bones whatsoever in calling the electoral process as grossly unfair and biased – though proved mostly fake description and unsubstantiated at that – right through the campaigning as well as after the balloting, the no-holds-barred battle for claiming supremacy was unconcealed/unabashed. What followed the declaration of Democratic win not only astonished the global audience but also gave enough ammunition to the detractors to ridicule the USA’s self-proclaimed hallowed electoral processes.
  • The disturbing images of Capitol Hill rioting that took place ensuing the conspiratorial call made by the defeated Trump proved to be the last nail on the coffin resulting in calls for impeachment holding the leader responsible for instigating insurrection. Thus, Donald Trump became the first incumbent President in the history of that country to be charged with impeachment proceedings twice. As things eventually turned out, the latest senate impeachment move too stands defeated as was the case with the earlier one, for want of 2/3rd majority quorum to press ahead. The final vote was 57 guilty to 43 not guilty, short of the 67 guilty votes needed to convict Trump.

PC: Dareh Gregorian

  • Make no mistake, Trump did whip up stream of grave falsehood claims on losing the presidential polls, and openly urged fanatic supporters to march to the US Congress to lay seige. The grossly repulsive spectacle of riots should have ensured no escaping from fixing the responsibility for the attack on the seat of US power, what transformed ultimately reveals the dilemma of the Republican Party with Trump still seemingly retaining considerable popularity among the party base. In hindsight, it appears the Democrats could have done a better job of calling more witnesses for the trial instead of rushing through the entire process to fix culpability.
  • Right from the way pandemic was handled or mishandled, and the electoral process itself placed under greater scrutiny following Trump’s false accusations, the USA has indeed lost moral high grounds it so boastfully used to hold/preach about whilst dealing with several other lesser-known countries. In doing so, the USA has unwittingly let go of the global leadership role that it used to wield so pompously bossing over all around. The fissures existing within the country stands exposed and won’t be easy to heal though Joe Biden would strive to rectify the malaise quickly. The USA reclaiming erstwhile traction is extremely crucial to balance ambitious China’s rise as well. The world expect the USA to own leadership role once again.