Sticking to the Right Attitude Never Takes One in the Wrong Direction!

  • Indeed, it is extremely fascinating and a wonderful experience to dissect human behavior in its entirety layer by layer. This is no mean task and not everyone can lay claim to succeed in comprehending the oceanic width and depth of human existence. As varied as the physiological existence of human beings is, even more, intriguing and almost infinite, and unexplored depths of psychological aspects is a mystery as well. Since times immemorial, none can lay claim with utmost confidence or complete comprehension about having cracked this inscrutable human code despite humanity witnessing unprecedented growth over millenniums.


  • Of course, human endeavor never stops from perpetually exploring nor folds up whilst making efforts to unravel yet undiscovered mysteries of the universe. Often those attempts rendered are of little or no use demanding unstinted efforts to scratch the surface. And this virtuous circle of the unending quest, urge to explore newer aspects, burning desire and passion to leave behind an indelible mark, and nurturing wishes to emulate earlier inventions by establishing legacy often drives humanity to chart untraded paths irrespective of challenges lying ahead. This characteristic trait driving human endeavor to constantly expend time, energy, resources, and life itself has resulted in path-breaking innovations over generations to make our living that much more endearing and welcoming. Resilience is the key here and we are blessed in abundance.
  • Mind you, whatever gains being utilized with such relish by the present generation is the legacy of tremendous works undertaken by our ancestors who would have spent a lifetime in realizing those seemingly insurmountable objectives. Perpetual imploring originating from the deeper recess of our minds to relentlessly march ahead demands no less than an unflinching attitude. Not any run-of-the-mill attitude would render us equipped to scale never seen before heights in terms of achievements. It requires an unwavering right attitude with single-minded devotion, determination, discipline, and dynamism to never give up despite encountering innumerable challenges along the way.

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  • Needless to mention, any half-hearted efforts laced with lack of self-confidence, doubts, inadequate preparations, and most importantly, failing to ignite burning passion to pursue dreams is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. The same notion applies everywhere. Of course, blaming everything else but failing to give everything under our possession and control would not cut ice with the laws of the universe though. Remember, nothing comes free in life, and hence, expending all that one may possess before expecting something in return will be futile. Against this backdrop, cultivating a habit of the right attitude is a prerequisite attribute that should galvanize us to undertake outwardly impossible tasks.
  • History is replete with astonishing tales of human triumphs that were made possible largely owing to a strong belief system duly supplemented by the right attitude greater measures. Humans striving to endow with such indisputable qualities in abundance are bound to succeed in due course of time. You see, overcoming obstacles of diverse nature along the way becomes that much easier whilst forming a habit of marching ahead. Consequently, the only direction one is headed by embracing these inviolable virtues is the path chosen by us. None can go wrong if we are careful enough in our planning and execution on the back of mentioned virtues. Thus, sticking to the right attitude will take us in where we intend.

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Krishna MV
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