Staying Positive Amidst Torrert of Negativity is Paramount Now!

  • The entire humanity and India as a country, in particular, are going through tremendous challenges vis-à-vis survival from mounting challenges posed by the amorphous enemy cannot be overemphasized. The virulence on exhibition within few weeks has created such a veritable storm that the country’s resolve and resilience have come under severe strain is stating the obvious. The healthcare infrastructure on the churn since March last year is facing yet another deluge of patients seeking relief from the virus menace. Gasping for that all precious breath has become synonymous with survival and it is extremely daunting to shut images of teeming thousands at the mercy of the virus which marches ahead unchallenged.

PC: Michael Reddy

  • Of course, people who are facing the debilitating effects of the virus will be naturally expecting the social welfare state to come to its aid in extending all possible assistance to ensure none of the lives are lost in the battle. However, the overwhelming number of people getting infected by the virus is proving to be beyond the existing means of the healthcare infrastructure leading to thousands losing lives searching for that elusive oxygen, drugs, ICUs, and life-saving ventilators. Efforts to undermine the challenges facing the common man by the authorities concerned are proving to be hollow since the reality on the ground is quite contrary speaking loud and clear that the healthcare infrastructure is indeed crumbling under the weight.
  • Constant beaming of visuals on the television channels about the scarcity of vital resources cannot be brushed aside as mere hyperbole as the affected individual(s) and families are bearing the brunt of the onslaught. Consequences of losing near and dear ones as also the sole breadwinners of the family are indescribable. Unbridled trauma associated with the infected and the energy-sapping search to find a hospital bed with life-saving resources is becoming such a monumental exercise in itself leaving the family completely drained out. Make no mistake, the subconscious mind is bound to absorb those disturbing visuals unwittingly resulting in anxiety, paranoia, déjà vu, and claustrophobic feelings amongst the lot.

PC: Dr. David Feldman

  • As the negativity pervading all around plays out in different hues and forms, the general people cannot be expected to remain immune from the depressing narratives simply because there are not many who could erect a mental shield of protection to filter and/or dilute unwanted/unhelpful spectacle from affecting us. Each individual is blessed with a unique mechanism to handle unpleasant situations and identifying how best one could go about utilizing the same assumes paramount importance in the battle against beating the virus. How often have we not heard about mind over the matter being bandied about so very frequently? Innumerable times, I suppose and so very rightly too.
  • Indulging in reading self-help books, positive mental attitude books, listening to soothing music/discourses – both spiritual as well as philosophical, exercising wherever permissible, writing on any topic under the earth, forcefully cultivating optimistic thought processes, connecting with friends and family regularly, watching humorous and spice of the life kind of movies, and eating healthy should be able to drive out the blues to a large extent. Worrying about uncontrollable and incomprehensible occurrences would be of little help. Time is the best healer, and the spiteful situation raging around us would pass off too. Stay positive!

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Krishna MV
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