Regional Leaders are Aspiring to Essay National Roles, Will It Fructify!

  • There is no denying the fact that observing political maneuverings, churnings, undercurrents, and extreme unpredictability associated with the phenomenon is fascinating for the sheer dramatic turns emanating from diverse quarters. Of course, the majority of the people would shun rather than get immersed in all things political. However, there are substantial followers of the political machinations curiously glued to see what might be forthcoming from the deep recess of inscrutable stirring. And the democratic form of governance entails no one way to pinpoint what is eventually going to emerge on the political firmament. Not for nothing, it is mentioned that politics is a game of possibility and hence, anything can happen.

PC: Nishi Verma

  • The Indian democratic playground is not shorn of captivating occurrences where one or the other form of elections is perpetually around the corner. Our political narration is unique simply because there is any number of national and regional parties vying to grab the pie of the power largely riding on the back of by now ubiquitous caste-based identity politics. The political narrative gets muddy when every party attempts to garner a larger share of the electorate’s attention by adopting dubious means to consolidate assiduously built vote banks. Amidst all this, there are many enterprising political leaders nursing ambitions to carve out a niche for themselves at the national level having conquered regional territories with tremendous efforts. Aspirations have no bounds you see.
  • History is replete with an infinite number of conquistadors having left behind an indelible mark along the way and many modern-day satraps are willing to follow in those footsteps as well. The Indian political scenario is witnessing consequential manifestations over the last few years where the national parties are found to be losing hitherto endowed invincibility and unquestionable command to regional parties who are slowly consolidating their gains at the cost of the former. One need not look far away from the Grand Old Party which is reeling from the impact of a slew of disastrous moves not only further sullying its once-formidable reputation but also losing control over regional satraps aspiring for a bigger national role.

PC: Debu C

  • No wonder, the likes of Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) whose leaders are not known to camouflage their overt ambitions to establish themselves at the national levels are making determined efforts to take over the role of the principal opposition party. These leaders nurture ambitions to challenge the formidable Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by the indomitable Prime Minister. Sadly, the Grand Old Party’s fixation with the Gandhi-Nehru family is increasingly proving to be counterproductive as the old guard fights to stay relevant amidst palpable turmoil. It is plain to even a casual observer by now that Congress must move away from the Family to not only stay relevant at the national level but also continue to hold sway in presenting potent challenges through constructive leadership roles for the truly deserving.
  • The anointed scion calling the shots without accountability simply does not fit the present-day political narrative. Note that election and not selection should guide the intraparty democratic credentials. If not, the disintegration of the GOP would be sooner than later which will be disastrous for the country. Make no mistake, there are hardly any regional leaders worthy of acceptance at the pan-India levels. As such, Congress can still regroup and pose a worthwhile challenge to the well-oiled machinery of the BJP by letting go of the Dynastic politics.