Efforts to Unravel the Origin of the SARS-COV-2 Virus Should Gather Steam!

  • Unsubstantiated conspiracy theories are circulating over the origin of the SARS-Cov-2 virus that was eventually declared as a pandemic early last year. The unknown virus is continuing to ravage with its unrelenting march ahead and the universe is yet to comprehend how and from where it originated. Waves and waves of the dreaded disease crushing the country’s economy and people’s resolve to lead dignified life amid debilitating effects are hitting headlines perpetually. Most worryingly, there is yet no sign of the virus being conquered or subdued even as more vaccine candidates are available as a potent shield to protect humanity.

PC: Tanisha Mukherjee

  • The losses suffered by the countries in terms of precious lives and livelihood during the past year or so are humongous. It is extremely disturbing to note that the pandemic has officially killed at least 3.5 million human beings and is all set to further annihilate even more if the anticipated threats are considered. Despite encountering destructions of unimaginable proportions, we are still groping in the dark as to how SARA-Cov-2 came to be among us leaving each one of us affected in one or the other form. One must not look far to realize how China’s seemingly inflexible obfuscation vis-à-vis the pandemic origin story is at the center of discussions right through.
  • One of the most palpable theories about the origin was thought to be of natural emergence in Wuhan’s wet market which stands weakened now with the possibility of the virus originating in a lab there gaining currency. In a renewed stand, the Biden administration is ramping up efforts towards a definitive conclusion as to what set off this catastrophe in the first place and to preempt any further originations of dreaded biological weaponry in the future. The global community deserves to know the answer. Note that as science journalist Nicholas Wade succinctly summarises, during the interim months and supposedly super-efficient Chinese authorities simply have not turned up the evidence of the virus making multiple independent jumps from its intermediate host to people like both the SARA 1 and MERS viruses did.

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  • As was suspected earlier, the attention has now shifted to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, from whose portals celebrated bat lady Shi Zhengli vociferously demanded an apology from President Trump for being open to the theory from the lab. Her claims of zero infection at WIV have been rebuffed by fresh counterclaims emerging of several researchers becoming sick before the official Covid-19 outbreak. For all that we know, this may have been the first cluster outbreak and hence, other proximate labs merit closer investigation.
  • From now on, a concerted global effort is needed to get the truth out of Wuhan, including India which gets no favors from the Dragon Nation courtesy piquant line of actual control situation. That Beijing is consistently stymieing full, transparent, evidence-based international investigation is fully known to the global community. Thus, China like the international community at large has a stake in discovering the origin of the pandemic, or bravely disclosing if it already knows. It must show gumption and responsibility for the betterment of the universe itself. Will it bite the bullet?

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