Country of Many Languages, United By Foreign Language!

  • Paradoxical it may sound, there is no denying the fact that our country throws up several instances of contradictions that are not only hard to comprehend but also extremely challenging to accurately pinpoint as to what makes us move ahead amidst seemingly insurmountable roadblocks dotting the landscape. The Vastness of our habitation, diverse traditions and cultures, varied ideological beliefs/religions/faiths, and of course, various languages are spoken further accentuated by any number of dialects of the region makes our country most vibrant and thriving.

PC: Ashley Wichman

  • The kaleidoscopic viewpoints expressed differs from one region to another right from the complexion (without sounding racist), sartorial preferences, enormously divergent but mouth-watering food habits extending unendingly, and the most important medium that binds the cultural conundrum with unassuming ease seamlessly, the language used for communicating. Since times immemorial, umpteen number of explorers, visitors, historians, travelers, and enthusiasts have wondered and admired the beauty of incongruities the country offers.
  • The undercurrents of variances visible within the four corners of the country present a unique challenge as well. The topographical locations of these areas also provide for a fascinating understanding endowed with distinct identities constantly evolving in line with the changing times. No wonder, there is a healthy but competitive one-upmanship on display rooting for their respective region to be the leading light in terms of progression, development, recognition, and success in positioning/projecting on all parameters highlighting the pleasant growth-story.

PC: Veena Muthuraman

  • The entire nation so varied in existence and identification is also proud about many languages distinct from one another but largely sourcing roots to ancient Sanskrit and Dravidian script essays a crucial role as well. Many of these regional languages are accorded classical status for showcasing the rich heritage, marvelous history, and awe-inspiring literary works spread over past centuries that endure to churn-out path-breaking innovations to this day. There is any number of literary luminaries who have made their respective mother tongue proud through the oeuvre of admirable works.
  • However, have you ever wondered it is not anyone common Indian language that binds us or bridges the gap providing for a mutual mode of conversation to exchange anything under the earth? Hindi as a language may be identified as the one which comes nearest to essaying the role of a common language thread binding the entire country but falls way behind expectations when viewed from the prism of pan-India. Especially, from the perspective of Southern and Eastern Indians. Fortunately or unfortunately, it won’t surprise anyone anymore to know that a foreign language holds the reins of uniting the entire country via acceptability across diversity.

PC: A. Raghuramaraju

  • No guesses there, it is the English language that has assumed a ubiquitous presence deeply entrenched in every veritable part of the country allowing people unfamiliar with the local language to converse effortlessly. The appeal of the language amongst the people needs no further emphasis as English connects with the international audience too widening the reach to beyond seven seas. No harm in embracing English wholeheartedly but never let go of the Mother Tongue that helps us stay rooted to our culture, tradition, and history. Let us feel pride in absorbing whatever local languages have to offer with devotion.

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