7 common nightmares: what do they actually mean?


An unpleasant dream causing a strong emotional response from the mind, typically horror or fear but also anxiety, despair and great sadness may be termed as nightmare. Nightmares may vary from person to person; but there are certain nightmares which are common to all like falling from a great height or being trapped or stuck somewhere. But have you ever wondered what these nightmares actually mean?

7 Nightmares With Their Meanings

Here is a list of 7 nightmares explained by their meanings:


Nightmare1. Being lost means you feel like you don’t fit in!

This nightmare usually occurs when you feel confusion, frustration, anxiety or else when you don’t fit in. It is typically based on a current life situation like making new friends or shifting to a new place.





Nightmare2. Being trapped somewhere indicates you feel powerless!

This nightmare is typically associated with the anxieties and frustrations of the life. For instance, you might face a situation in which you are stucked in a relationship or in a job you don’t like. It represents that the situations are out of your control i.e. you feel powerless.




Nightmare3. Being betrayed by someone you love means you feel alienated or isolated!

This nightmare of betrayal typically means that you feel alienated from a person close to you. Perhaps the other person is focused on something or someone else!




Nightmare4. Running away or being chased represents feeling of insecurity!

This nightmare comes when you start feeling threatened by own insecurities or when you start having feelings of envy or anger towards something or someone.







Nightmare5. Falling represents your fear of losing control over something!

The most common nightmare of falling, slipping or losing balance is caused due to unconsciousness. It indicates that you don’t have control of something and you feel anxious and insecure about it.






Nightmare6. Being injured means you feel out of control!

Nightmares of being hurt are usually associated to a condition where you feel powerless. And if you are hurt by someone else in the nightmare; then it means you feel cut off or helpless.





Nightmare7. Failing a test means you don’t feel prepared for something!

This nightmare is actually associated to a real life situation where you are anxious of failing a test. It is an indication of unpreparedness towards the upcoming challenges of your life.



So the next time if you experience a nightmare; try tofigure out the real meaning behind that. And if you are facing the problem of frequent nightmares; then do inculcate the habit of staying away from anxieties and frustrations (the real cause behind most of the nightmares!)

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