Top 10 Watch Brands in The World


When it comes to style, then a wrist watch is something which brings class, luxury and elegance into one’s personality. As per the growing market, the brands are giving a tough competition in the watch industry worldwide. Thus, they are making a lot of changes with accordance to their design, style and they are working on the cost too.

Here are some of the best and the most famous wrist watch brands worldwide, which wouldget a change in your style statement.

watch brands1.Fossil
Fossil is the father of all watch brands. It is famous for its unique aesthetic design. Fossil has a different fashion style which consistsof fine finish of matt or carbon black. Its design is very catchy; right from the young generation to the elderly one. Fossil covers over 400 stores worldwide.



watch brands2. Swatch
Swatch is born and famous in the entire Switzerland. Swatch’s first 12 editions got established in Zurich in the year 1983, when the company was officially formed. The watch is considered in the category of luxury.




watch brands3. Tissot
Tissot is a Switzerland based luxury watch brand. It was founded in 1853 and since that time it belongs to the Wiss Swatch Group. Tissot was the first company to introduce pocket watch with two time zones. In 1930, Tissot united with Omega watch brand. The brand covers a large range of men and women watches.


watch brands4. Armani
Armani the brand itself tells all. The brand is known for its luxury and expensive clothing around the world. Armani watches were launched in the year 1975. The brand makes very royal, elegant and expensive watches in the world. The watches are really stylish and catchy that every eye would look twice on your wrist.



watch brands5. Casio
Casio which is originated and said to be one of themost famous Japanese watch brands.Casio was established in the year 1946. It is the brand which is most commonly used in India. Casio falls in the same umbrella like G-Shock, Sheen and Oceanus. These watches are good for rough and tough use.



watch brands6. Gucci
Gucci is the Italian brand which got founded in the year 1921 in Florence. Gucci is also well known for its stylish watches and expensive clothings. Gucci watches have spread in most of the countries across the globe. Gucci has its own style of watches with some added studs and stones which gives a gloss for every eye.



watch brands7. Tommy Hilfigher
Tommy Hilfigher, the brand which is very common in clothing and giving a good competition to brands like Gucci and Armani. Though these brands are over expensive, but to get into the market one has to compete with each other. Coming to their watches, Tommy Hilfiger has got a collection of casual watches.It was founded in the year 1985 and their fashion statement attracts all age groups.


watch brands8. Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss is a German based luxury fashion style company. They started the company in the year 1924. Hugo Boss watches have a vintage look, yet they are trendy.




watch brands9. Rolex
Rolex is a Switzerland based company. The brand is not only famous in India; but also famous worldwide. Rolex watches have got a business look which goes well with any business and formal attire. Other sunshades in Rolex brands are Cellini, Yacht-Master and Milgauss.




watch brands10. Chanel
More than 25 years in the market, Chanel has brought and delivered amazing white and black watches. A little timepiece on the Chanel watches gives it an exceptional look. The first collection of watches was inspired by the design of the iconic No.5 perfume bottle and the 2.55 handbag. The launch collection was under the guidance of Jacques Helleu. The debut watches are still in the latest collection.


Now you know some of the best brands in town, so get one of those and make yourself the next style icon.

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