Not Bold! But these are 12 most Vulgar Movie posters


Like we always say, the first impression is the last impression. This is true in the case of movies too, Posters speak about the movie. Recently, many of the Bollywood movie followers were ashamed, rather embarrassed by these 12 most vulgar movie posters, which had vulgarity written all over them. Some of them got even banned too! Have a look.

12 Most vulgar movie posters of all times!

Vulgar Movie posters1.B.A Pass

After watching Shilpa Shukla in Chak De India, no one had a clue that this one was coming.


Vulgar Movie posters




2.The Dirty Picture

The picture was dirty and so was it’s poster!






Vulgar Movie posters




Well, I guess we saw a bit more of Kareena Kapoor in Kurbaan.






Vulgar Movie posters


Well if there is Sunny Leone in the movie, the movie is bound to be bold. But she made sure her debut movie’s poster was bold too.




Vulgar Movie posters



Poonam Pandey is famous for exposing her body, and she did no less in her debut movie.



Vulgar Movie posters


6.Ram Teri Ganga Maili

Ahem! Ahem! Let’s just say that Mandakini exposed more than wanted in the famous shower scene.







Vulgar Movie posters



Have a proper look, to find out why it is one of the most vulgar movie posters of all times.






Vulgar Movie posters

8.Zack and Miri make a porno

The poster seems fine right? Just have the look at the bottom of the poster!







Vulgar Movie posters




9.The Rules of Attraction

No further explanations needed! The poster says it all!






Vulgar Movie posters

10.Sin City 2 

This is certainly one of the most vulgar movie posters of all times, you might want to zoom to find out more!




Vulgar Movie posters



11.Larry Flynt

Isn’t the poster enough to pronounce that why it is one of the most vulgar movie posters of all times?






Vulgar Movie posters

12.The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The poster is so vulgar that I can’t even comment on this!







So, these are the most vulgar movie posters of all times. I am sure you can suggest more to this list!

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