7 Conspiracies About UFOs And Aliens That Make Us Doubt Rational Thought!


Do you believe in UFOs and Aliens? Or do you want to believe in them?

The possibility of existence of another life outside our earth is fascinating. Although, till date, all the astronauts have said that they haven’t sighted a UFO or an alien yet; still the conspiracies about UFOs and aliens never dies. Some are literally ridiculous; while some other hold weight. Here is a list of 7 conspiracies about UFOs and aliens that make us doubt rational thought:

Conspiracies about UFOs and Aliens!

UFOs and Aliens1. Los Angeles

During the Second World War; the American military spotted almost 25 aircrafts that were flying in a cluster. They thought them to be the Japanese aircrafts, and that’s why they attacked and fired bullets at them. But, no bullets got connected, and there was no wreckage too, leaving a story behind this incident!


UFOs and Aliens2. UFO incident in Pittsburgh!

The residents of the small town in the city of Pittsburgh reported that they have seen a capsule in the clear sky, and it had made a U-turn before falling down. The US army took control of the site then, and further, there is no information available regarding this incident. Even, after many years, a journalist asked for its investigation files; but they were declared to be missing!


UFOs and Aliens3. Area 51!

The top secret area of the US government; Area 51 is the secret military base in the state of Nevada. Many a times, it has been claimed that US government is hiding alien artifacts in this area. This area was officially declared as the military base only in the year 2013.


UFOs and Aliens4. Tennessee College

It was believed that UFOs hover over Tennessee College, and it was witnessed by many people. One of the professor revealed that they saw 2 UFOs, one in the shape of moon; while other had the shape of star. And, this incident happened during the daytime, and still remains a big mystery.



UFOs and Aliens5. UFO crash at Roswell!

In the year 1947, it was officially reported that a silver metallic disc was found at the crash site at the military base at Roswell. However, this official statement was reverted afterwards; but many people still believe that the UFO has indeed crashed there.


UFOs and Aliens6. UFO crash in Texas!

The UFO in Texas crashed at a big region, and the debris of the aircraft was found to be scattered all over. Even, the local residents found the dead body of the pilot and they have buried them. It was reported in a newspaper that ‘The pilot looked nothing like a human!’



UFOs and Aliens7. The 17 year long project Blue Book!

In order to officially investigate the existence and veracity of the UFOs and aliens sightings; the US Air Force has sanctioned this study. The US government spent a lot of money, and even 12,000 UFO sightings were investigated. But, it was concluded that they have got no authentic proof to prove the existence of UFOs!


Maybe, all these stories of UFOs and aliens are nothing more than a myth! But, if it turns out to be true, and if someday aliens visits our planet; then it will be the most significant event in the history of mankind!

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