8 Magnificent Sunrise And Sunset Points In India



India a country of spectacular natural beauty and one of the best way to witness this is to see the magnificent sunrise and sunset. There’s something magical about a sunrise or a sunset, isn’t it?

India has no shortage of such beautiful spots where you can get see the mesmerizing beauty of the sun while rising or setting –

Kanyakumari-Sunrise,Sunset,Sunrise & Sunset Point,India
1. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is located at the southernmost tip of India and is extremely popular for its sunset point which is a must visit for every traveller. Every enthusiast traveller but experience both the sunrise and sunset as it is an unforgettable experience. The Sunset point at Kanyakumari is probably the most visited sunset point in India.


Varkala-Sunrise,Sunset,Sunrise & Sunset Point,India


2. Varkala

Varkala is famous for its beaches which offer outstanding views of the beautiful setting sun. What makes this experience perfect is watching the sun setting down while taking a sidewalk at the cliff and sipping a cup ice tea.


Umiam Lake Meghalaya-Sunrise,Sunset,Sunrise & Sunset Point,India


3. Umiam Lake Meghalaya

Located at the far most land of Meghalaya at the Umiam Lake is one of the best and most spectacular sunset point of India. This particular sunset point is the most beautiful sunset you will ever see on earth.



Puri Beach-Sunrise,Sunset,Sunrise & Sunset Point,India

4. Puri Beach

Beautiful Palm trees and a gorgeous beach makes this place one of the best places capturing the sunrise in photographs. The experience to watch this I had beautiful view at 5 am in the morning is magical. Sip on a cup of coffee/tea from the local vendors and listen to the sound of waves, perfectly awesome.


Taj Mahal-Sunrise,Sunset,Sunrise & Sunset Point,India


5. Taj Mahal

The magical beauty of the Taj increases exponentially at the sunset. It makes the Taj during look even more awesome while the sun is setting, framing the milky white Taj Mahal with its glowing light and making it even more romantic place to be in the world.


Agumbe-Sunrise,Sunset,Sunrise & Sunset Point,India


6. Agumbe

Agumbe is located in Karnataka and is world-famous for its magnificent sunset view. One can experience the beautiful sunrise and sunset view from a point located in Agumbe. This point is located on one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats and sunset can be viewed over the Arabian Sea, and also panoramic views of the neighbouring region of Western Ghats.


Nandi Hills-Sunrise,Sunset,Sunrise & Sunset Point,India


7. Nandi Hills

Located near Bangalore, but so reach this point as early as possible.as the sun may start making you feel its presence After 8 am, and all the mist begins to evaporate. You can experience a wide and spectacular view of the landscape from this point.


Palolem Beach Goa-Sunrise,Sunset,Sunrise & Sunset Point,India

8. Palolem Beach Goa

Located at Canacona of Goa, very popular for its spectacular beauty with the palm trees around. Surrounding area of Palolem village, which is like wooden huts, palm trees and an attractive and perfect beach makes it one of the best place for Sunset view.



Do experience the magic about these beautiful sunrise & sunset points. Something is definitely unique about the rising & setting sun each day, and surprisingly this beauty doesn’t last.


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