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Smart Activity Tracker Just At Rs 14,999 Unveiled By Gramin India - Kanigas

Smart Activity Tracker Just At Rs 14,999 Unveiled By Gramin India


On Thursday, a new wrist based activity tracker was launched by Gramin India in New Delhi. The wrist based activity tracker has a smart notification technology which can calculate heart rate. It is launched on the name of ‘vivosmart HR’ activity tracker.

Smart activity tracker for fitness freaks unveiled by Gramin India

Gramin India‘Vivosmart HR’

The ‘vivosmart HR’ activity tracker with an elegant touchscreen will be easily available at price of just Rs. 14,999 on the Amazon e-commerce portal.

Details about activity tracker

The term Activity tracker primarily refers to the electronic wearable device that is mainly used for monitoring and recording a person’s fitness activity. An activity tracker is a device used for tracking and monitoring fitness related metrics such as calorie consumption, distance walked and also for heartbeat and quality of sleep. It can be easily connected to computer and Smartphone for data tracking.


Gramin IndiaTracker features

The tracker has a large display which is sunlight readable and display is always on. It is used for monitoring heart rate by 24/7, along with monitoring heart rate it can also measured other activities like how much calories burned, it can also count floor climbed with its intensity.

Tracker is very compatible, can be easily connected to smartphones and tablets. The users will able to control social media alert and music. They will receive text, calls and emails easily.

The tracker is very comfortable and light weighted sleek wrist band which can be wore all the day. The users rarely have to remove as it has up to seven day battery life and a 50 meters water rating range which is really appreciating.


Gramin IndiaNational Sales Manager Gramin India

The National Sales Manager of Gramin India Ali Rizvi said that the activity tracker ‘vivosmart HR’ is going to be a revolutionary product in the Indian Market especially for the persons who are more health conscious and seeking daily updates for their activities.


The activity tracker is a good electronic device which is very comfortable and easily available throughout India with its exclusive range, and an awesome product for fitness freaks.

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