7 Unexpected Benefits Of Sleeping Naked


I know this definitely sounds a bit too naughty, but please bear with me here. Be ready to ditch your pajamas and consider to start sleeping in your original birthday suit. You will be surprised that sleeping naked actually has many health benefits and you can’t ignore them. You really need to start getting into a habit of sleeping naked, be it less belly fat to improved hormonal balance and more sex.

Here are few reasons you should consider sleeping naked, trust me it’s much better option for you:


Health,Lifestyle,Sleep,Nude,Naked,Sleep Naked

1. Slow down signs of ageing

Sleeping naked in a room with a temperature maintained at 21˚C no higher, can stimulate the release melatonin which is an anti-aging hormone and growth hormones. The athletic performance of the body improves with the release of these hormones the hormones work much better in a room with lower temperature and this allows the body to regenerate, which results in better skin and hair.


Health,Lifestyle,Sleep,Nude,Naked,Sleep Naked

2. Feel happier and stress-free

Oxytocin which is also called the ‘Love Hormone’ gets released even more when you sleep naked. It is a very powerful which gives you a feel-good factor, which is directly involved in orgasm and sexual responsiveness, reducing intestinal inflammation by improving gut motility, combating stress and depression, and blood pressure reduction.



Health,Lifestyle,Sleep,Nude,Naked,Sleep Naked

3. Better quality of sleep

Studies have revealed that some forms of insomnia can be triggered due to improper body temperature regulation during the night time. If is suggested to regulate in-bed body temperature to improve the sleep quality and reach deeper slumber. Sleeping naked positively affects the quality of your sleep.




Health,Lifestyle,Sleep,Nude,Naked,Sleep Naked

4. Lower cortisol levels and healthy body composition

Cortisol gets released if you have poor or no sleep .This hormone is also called the stress hormone. Hunger hormones can trigger our appetite for comfort foods and this results to overeating. Absence of a good night’s sleep is also directly related to less active production of the appetite-controlling hormones and fat-burning. It is seen that people who sleep less than six hours are more likely to develop disease like diabetes and heart problems and this can result to unwanted weight gain.
As sleeping naked helps you get good sleep and regulates your body temperature, your body is in a better position to regulate cortisol. This further helps to eliminate belly fat and control weight gain, which further ensures that you maintain a healthy body composition.


Health,Lifestyle,Sleep,Nude,Naked,Sleep Naked

5. Boost immunity

Increased oxytocin and reduction in cortisol levels as mentioned earlier contribute to a stronger immune system. Keeping these significant chemicals at their ideal amounts in your body’s ecosystem by sleeping nude means giving your body the best possible way to chuck off germs, bacteria’s, viruses and other disease-causing creatures.



Health,Lifestyle,Sleep,Nude,Naked,Sleep Naked

6. Protect your lady parts from infections

Ladies when it comes down there, it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry. As you are aware that, bacteria grow well in warm and moist environments, particularly in females prone to vaginal infections. Sleeping naked will reduce the ability of those already bacteria to grow and this helps to maintain a healthy vaginal flora. The ability to stay dry will be more when you sleep naked the vagina will get more ventilation, this will reduce the chances of fungal infection.


Health,Lifestyle,Sleep,Nude,Naked,Sleep Naked

7. Increase your virility

This is for all you Gentlemen, sleeping naked can help you to increase virility by keeping the testes much cooler, which is the main reason why the testes are located outside of the body. If you wear tight briefs and cover up yourself with heavy blankets, the testes will heat up and this will lower your sperm count.


So it’s time to ditch the sleepwear and start sleeping naked today in order to enjoy these totally amazing and unexpected health benefits.

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