Saturday Night Live: 10 Highlights From The 15th Episode Hosted By Ariana Grande


The 15th episode of the 41th season of the Saturday Night Live (SNL) aired on 12th March, 2016. The show was hosted by the American singer, Ariana Grande. She also performed ‘Dangerous Woman’ and ‘Be Alright.’ Both the musical performances were introduced by Larry David. Also, Darrell Hammond and Larry David appeared as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders respectively, in the cold open.

Saturday Night Live: Everything You Need To Know!

The highlights of the Saturday Night Live:

Saturday Night Live 1. SNL skewered Donald Trump supporters!

SNL skewered Donald Trump supporters in a sketch where his one rally ended up with Ben Carson getting a black eye. Also, Darrell Hammond returned to the sketch show as Donald Trump and had created an ‘ebony and orangey’ duo with Ben Carson as he announced his endorsement.


Saturday Night Live 2. Larry David impersonated Bernie Sanders!

SNL not only took aim at Donald Trump; but they also took aim at Democratic sides’ candidates, poking fun at Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Larry David while impersonating Bernie said, ‘My message is resonating with a very diverse group of white people. I’ve got supporters of all ages: 18-year-olds. 19-year-olds!’

3. What else Larry David, oops, Bernie Sanders said?

In response to the surprise Michigan primary win; Bernie Sanders said, ‘I want to thank everyone for voting for me and apologize to everyone else for making your Facebook feed so, so annoying!’

Saturday Night Live 4. The second sketch of Hillary Clinton!

Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton wants the millennials to ‘feel the Bern for her’. While transforming herself into Bernie in SNL’s spoof political ad, she said, ‘I am whoever you want me to be, and I approve this message’.

5. What Weekend Update anchor said?

Weekend Update anchors Michael Che also joined the hands and joked about a Donald Trump supporter. The supporter had punched a protester earlier this week, saying that he had dreamed of punching a black man ‘since the first time he heard jazz’.

Saturday Night Live 6. Not a feminist song!

When it comes to parody songs; the women of SNL have a pretty spotless track record. And, this song is no exception in that league. Earlier, they set out to write a feminist song; but later find it too difficult, and that’s the reason, they spend the rest of the song explaining why it’s not a feminist song. Also, while going through the length, they tried to make sure that they don’t offend anyone and then accidentally spur a backlash.

Saturday Night Live 7. Ariana saves Tidal!

Ariana Grande impersonated the service’s biggest artists. Going through the way, Grande makes it work with a host of spot-on impressions. Her imitations of Britney Spears and Shakira were eerily accurate; while her rendition of Whitney Houston was stunning!


Saturday Night Live 8. ‘Dangerous Woman’ and ‘Be Alright’ musical performances!

Ariana Grande performed ‘Dangerous Woman’ and ‘Be Alright’ on Saturday Night Live. Grande performed both of these in quite a good way.


Saturday Night Live 9. Blobfish Mermaid!

This was just a classic SNL sketch. Who else but Kate McKinnon was on fire! She dressed as a monstrous mermaid ‘Shud’, made of 35% woman and 65% blobfish!


10. The Kids’ Choice Awards!

There was chaos at the Kids’ Choice Awards ceremony. The insane faces of Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer’s were worth the price of admission alone.

Overall the 802nd of this American sketch comedy series went quite well, especially Ariana’s musical performance, which she nailed it. She has also contributed to the best part of some of the night’s sketches, making the show more happening!

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