Russian Official Confirms, “India Not Removed From List Of Safe Destinations”


Ekaterina Belyakova_Russian OfficalRecently on Sunday, Ekaterina Belyakova, the Russian Information Centre head said that Russia has not eliminated India or Goa from the list of safe destinations. However, the authorities had not discussed India or Goa in the safe destinations list either.

In a press release, she stated in her previous statement that they did not discuss India or Goa in the list of safe destinations recommended by the Russian government to Russian tourists. They said that Russian government had only discussed the list of countries which were recommended for holidays (visits). 

She said that various parts of her statement regarding charter tourist arrivals in Goa issued on Saturday have been misrepresented. Her statement did not contain any information regarding removal of India from the list of safe countries or adding them to the list of unsafe countries as it was mentioned in various reports in Indian media.


What does the statement actually states?

Ekaterina Belyakova had told in her earlier statement that INTERFAX(a news agency) had reported that Ivan Melnikov, who is the first deputy speaker of the Parliament of the Russian Federation had offered to call a round table. This was done in order to make proposals to improve the availability of new and safe tourist destinations for Russians such as south Vietnam, Cuba and southern China.

This is a quote from Interfax and India is not discussed here. She further added that the main focus of our statement was to show the prospects for Goa which will open if Goa becomes an alternative decision instead of Egypt and Turkey.

Certain incidents have taken place in the last two years which includes fight with arrogant taxi drivers and increasing price level has made it difficult for Russians to take Goa as a holiday destination option.

She has also added that if India can become a friendly country and capitalize on the opportunity at least seven million tourists can think of travelling to Goa.

She asked that whether Goa is ready to host so many Russians, and will India become one of the friendly countries? Will taxi drivers not overprice and not be arrogant seeing a foreigner and the owners of hotels and houses give rebate to Russians who always come for more than 10days of holidays?

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Source: The Times of India.

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