8 Unheard Stories Of Roopkund


The Roopkund trek is a peregrination on a high altitude of Loharjung region, in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The major attraction of the trek leads to The Roopkund Lake (also known as the Skeleton Lake) where all mystery lies. The lake is drenched by thousand of skeletons, which is the diversion of the trek. The Roopkund trek is full of these kinds of mysteries and unheard stories.

Here is the list of 8 unheard stories of Roopkund:

Roopkund11. The Skeleton Lake
The Skeleton Lake is a mystery in itself. This lake is completely frozen in winter and lot of stories is hidden beneath. In the summer, when ice melts around the lake, you can witness thousands of bones and skulls lying around. The question is whose skulls are those. Many theories have been put forward; but it is still undiscovered.


Roopkund22. Hailstorm in 9th Century
Another story is of the hailstorm which occurred in 9th The scientists say that the frozen lake and the skeletons belonged to the people of a 9th century Indian tribe who disappeared due to the hailstorm. They also added that a British forest guard first discovered the skeletons in 1942.


Roopkund33. Tibetan traders or Japanese soldiers
Initially it was also believed that the bones and skulls are of Japanese soldiers who died during World War II. Some also said that the skulls were of General Zorawar Singh of Kashmir and his commandos who died in the Himalayan region in 1841 because of the bad weather.



Roopkund44. Magical Mushrooms
‘Magical Mushrooms’ also known as ‘Keeda Jadi’ in local language is one interesting story of Roopkund. In every spring season, thousands of caterpillar fungus is found. This fungus contains unbelievable medicinal properties. The fungus is highly valuable, which is why local people hustle in worse climate and high altitudes to find the Magical Mushrooms.


Roopkund55. The angry Goddess
You can believe to the stories locals explain to you. One of the stories they keep telling is about Goddess Parvati. They explain how the name Roopkund got discovered. Once Goddess Parvati was on her way to Kailas with Lord Shiva after killing demons. She was feeling dirty so Lord Shiva created a lake with his trishul. Parvati dipped in clear crystal blue water and could see her clear reflection, which is why the lake was named as Roopkund.


Roopkund66. The Nanda Raj Jat Yatra
The Nanda Raj Jat Yatra takes place after every 12 years. The locals of Roopkund believe that a mysterious four horned animal will appear to them very timely. Thousand of devotees move to Hem Kund Lake, which is further ahead of Roopkund lake to pay reverence to Goddess Nanda Devi.


Roopkund77. The reflection of Nandaghunti
In Roopkund, there are peaks and spots like Neelkanth, Bandar Pooch, Gangotri, Maiktoli, Mrigthuni, Chanyakot and many more that can be seen while trekking to Roopkund. There is one special spot where you can look for the reflection of Nandaghunti. Trekking to Roopkund, you will find a small pond at Ali Bugyan where you can see Nandaghunti reflection.


Roopkund88. Old Ganesh Temple
The “Hurray” story of Roopkund utter in between when you reach Old Ganesh Temple. The temple destination is called the snowline of the trek. To reach there, you have to trek for good 4 hours towards Kalu Vinayak from Lotani. Here, the day is full of beautiful snow mountains caps and night is extremely cold.



Many stories and mysteries are still to unfold in Roopkund. However, whatever may be the case; you should try and visit this nature’s miracle at least once in your lifetime. You may be the next one to explore something unknown about this place.

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