Don’t reheat These 10 Foods


These days we all have very busy schedules, and most of us prefer to resort and then reheat the cooked food. This saves a lot of time. Sadly, this particular practice is certainly not the best. You will be surprised to know that the reheated food often becomes carcinogenic. This usually ends up poisoning the human body. And most shockingly, mostly these foods are items we prepare and consume every day.

Let me help you! Below is the list of foods that you must never reheat:


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1. Chicken

We all know that chicken is a very rich source of protein. But did you know reheating it can cause a change in the composition of its protein. Never reheat it because it can give you digestive problems. This is because the all protein-rich foods get denatured or broken down when they are cooked, but if you constantly heat it this property of breaking down can make the chicken difficult to digest.


Reheat Food, Dont Reheat,10 Food,Reheat

2. Potatoes

Do you remember how many times you would have reheated this food? Potatoes are the most commonly used food item, they are often used in most of the households. In fact, they are almost in all the meals in a day. But trust me this is not the best practice. Never reheat it as it’s a very rich starchy food which has many health benefits and when reheated it promotes the growth of botulism, which is a rare kind of bacteria. The bacteria can be killed while reheating in microwave, but it may lead to food-poisoning.


Reheat Food, Dont Reheat,10 Food,Reheat

3. Spinach

Like a number of leafy greens, Spinach is also a very rich source of iron. It is also full of nitrates. If you reheat it, the nitrates get converted into nitrites and other carcinogens.




Reheat Food, Dont Reheat,10 Food,Reheat

4. Oil

Almost all of us have reheated the leftover cooking oil to prepare puris or pakodas. But we do not realize that it is greatly harmful for our body. Never reheat oil because heated oil is likely to release toxic fumes and harmful free-radicals. It is better to discard the oil and not re-use it.



Reheat Food, Dont Reheat,10 Food,Reheat

5. Beetroot

Similar to Spinach, beetroot’s also contain a high amount of essential nutrients. But when you reheat it the nitrates convert to nitrites which is carcinogenic in nature. It can give you a stomach ache.




Reheat Food, Dont Reheat,10 Food,Reheat

6. Rice

Can you guess what is the most common leftover item in our kitchen? Yes, its Rice. It is also the most commonly reheated food item. Avoid reheating rice in a microwave. You shouldn’t reheat it because, uncooked rice can actually contain spores of bacteria which can cause food poisoning. And when the rice is cooked, these spores can survive. Further if the rice is left to stay in a room temperature, the spores gets multiplied and produces poisons. This causes vomiting or diarrhoea. So reheating the rice doesn’t help to get rid of these poisons.


Reheat Food, Dont Reheat,10 Food,Reheat

7. Eggs

Eggs are the staple breakfast food item which should not be reheated. It is best known as the powerhouse of protein. You should avoid reheating boiled or scrambled eggs as the protein gets destroyed once it’s exposed to heat for multiple times. They also become toxic and unfit for consumption after cooking.




Reheat Food, Dont Reheat,10 Food,Reheat

8. Mushrooms

To put it simple mushrooms, post preparation they should be eaten and finished right away. The proteins get deteriorated as soon as you cut them up, and they are really bad for your belly.





9. Turnips

These are very common ingredient for soups and stews. Reheating is again not advisable as they have high amount of nitrates. Reheating can make this vegetable toxic.




Reheat Food, Dont Reheat,10 Food,Reheat

10. Lettuce

This is a green leafy vegetable which is best when eaten raw. You can cook it if needed, but never reheat it, as it contains high amount of nitrates which can cause food poisoning.




Remember that everything is not meant to be reheated and consumed. You should refrain from giving them a second go in the oven, or on the stove and microwave.

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