The Rise Of Virtual Reality! Everything You Need To Know About PlayStation VR And PlayStation 5


The tech giant, Sony is all set to catch the limelight in the gaming market. With the latest announcement of the dedicated PlayStation VR event on 15th March in San Francisco, Sony is going to take the gaming industry to the next level of Virtual Reality! And, with PlayStation 5 technology, Sony will surely steal all the hearts and minds of its gamers.

PlayStation VR and PlayStation 5!

One of the technologies that could most define the next generation of video games is indeed the rise of virtual reality. Actually, this is something about which the gamers are still in the dark, although up to a certain extent! It’s because none of the major systems’ planned have launched as of yet. But, Sony is ready to steal this market!

PlayStation VR!

PlayStation VR is Sony’s first real foray into virtual reality (VR). It’s also clear that Sony doesn’t want to mess up with any chance of its success, especially when it comes to luring the gamers with the technological advancements!

PlayStation VRDesign!

The main body of PlayStation VR is a black curved visor. Also, it has a white, LED-illuminated edging, which is held on by a strap, going all the way round the head. A little cap, which extends from the top of the visor, helps to hold it on securely. Overall, it is sleek, incredibly light, well designed and visually appealing.

PlayStation VRPrice and availability!

PlayStation VR is expected to be around £350 price; but no official announcement has been made by the company yet. The invite-only event of Sony will take place just before the annual Game Developers Conference. It will be held in San Francisco, CA on 15th March, 2016.

PlayStation 5!

While the tech giant has yet to provide details on what it actually plans to change for its next generation console; the market is already floating with rumors about its much-anticipated PlayStation 5. Here we look at all the available details which we have right now!

PlayStation VRTwo models of the console!

One of the surprising things which we got to tell the gamers is that the company is planning to make two models of the console, according to speculations. One model will offer graphics-focused content; while the other model will gonna provide improved gaming performance.

PlayStation VRTechnological advancements!

With the emergence of the PlayStation VR, it is definitely expected from Sony that VR gaming will gonna come to the PlayStation 5. It is also speculated that the next PS console will be a purely streaming device, using the PlayStation Now feature. In this way the new PS will also be able to connect with Sony smartphones, tablets and even Bravia TV!

Price and availability!

At this moment of time, talking about the price of the PlayStation 5 would be an early thing, as it is expected to be released by 2020 at the latest. We will have to further wait for the official updates from the company.

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