Amazing!! This App Will Help You To Locate Victims Trapped During Natural Calamities


This is indeed a great news for everyone. Finally we have an App that helps us to locate our loved ones who are unfortunately trapped during the natural calamities. We have seen a lot of destruction, natural calamities and other disasters around the globe. There are so many people who lose their lives because they don’t get proper help during such times. But luckily, now we can bring this under control through this App.

This is an initiative taken by some doctors to help the mankind. Pradeep Bhardwaj, who is the CEO of Six Sigma High Altitude Medical Services for Rescue says that his company has developed such a software application which can keep a track through the mobile phone.

Here is what Pradeep Bhardwaj told IANS-

“The application does not require mobile network or internet connection to communicate. This is based on satellite which will continuously transmit coded signals but which cannot be used to communicate,”

How this app works during natural calamities?

 natural calamities 1The concept behind this app is based on ham radio that is used by individuals to communicate with one another. Although this application can be downloaded on the cell phone; it is not meant for communication. Instead, it sends out continuous signals which can be detected by special equipment. These signals emitted out of the device can be detected within a radius of 50 kilometers.

This app has been developed keeping the security concerns in mind and it has already got the approval from the Telecommunications Ministry. With the help of the signals emitting from the device, the app helps people to get information about the location with accuracy.

In the past, Six Sigma medical services had really done well in saving thousands of people who were harshly affected by the natural calamities. They did very well in past, especially during the Uttrakhand cloudburst event in 2013, Nepal earthquake in 2015 and China earthquakes. In fact, they had set up their base camp at a height of 24,500 feet on the Mount Everest during the Nepal earthquake to help Indian Army rescue people.

 natural calamities 2This is what C.K. Misra, additional health Secretary in the ministry of health, told IANS:

“This is a good initiative which will help people in high altitude areas. But, he said, the government would need to look into such applications.”

According to Bhardwaj, the new app should be installed in the cell phones of soldiers and people living in high altitude areas where earthquakes and landslides occur frequently. This application could have helped Indian army to track soldiers that were caught in the avalanche recently in Siachen.


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