Finally The Wait Is Over! Leonardo DiCaprio Bags Oscars For The Very First Time!


Yeah, finally the wait is over, not only for Leonardo DiCaprio; but also for his millions of fans around the world. This was the moment he was constantly looking for over the years. And, finally after five Oscar nominations, he walked off the stage for the first time with the coveted gold trophy!

First time, Leonardo DiCaprio walks with the Oscars!

The actor, who was certainly a favorite to win, took home the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in ‘The Revenant’. He was also overwhelmed by seeing the public’s support for him.

Leonardo DiCaprioA life time achievement for Leo!

Although Leonardo DiCaprio officially won the Oscars for ‘The Revenant’; but for his millions of fans, his win was also for all the five earlier nominations.

For his fans out there, he even won the Oscars for his developmentally disabled boy in the movie, ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’. He won for the eccentric Howard Hughes in ‘The Aviator’; he won for his ultimate performance in the ‘Blood Diamond’. And, finally, he won for the party-hearty Jordan Belfort in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street!’

The much-anticipated thanksgiving speech!

The actor first thanked his fans, the Academy and also the whole team of The Revenant. He said, ‘I am so grateful to the Academy for their recognition of this film. Making “The Revenant” was one of the most rewarding and collaborative experiences of my life. None of this would have been possible without Alejandro’s talent, vision and determination. Our dedicated crew also deserves to share in this moment. Together, they have created a truly unique cinematic experience. Congratulations to all of my fellow nominees this season. Thank you to the Academy!’

Leonardo DiCaprioThe star also highlighted the issue of global warming!

Leonardo DiCaprio also said that he was thrilled to get this opportunity so as to highlight the issue of global warming.

He said in his acceptance speech, ‘Making “The Revenant” was about man’s relationship to the natural world…climate change is real. It is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating!’

Don’t forget, the star is also a committed environmentalist! He has even received praise from various environmental groups for his activism.

The actor concluded his speech by saying, ‘I do not take this night for granted!’

Leonardo DiCaprioThe classy role in ‘The Revenant!’

No doubt, The Revenant has showed off a different side of his craft altogether. It was almost a silent-movie performance as Hugh Glass, a man who survives a deadly bear; then watches the murder of his son (nothing he can do about it!). And, even almost died in the hazardous weather conditions, and slept in a horse corpse; but at the end, ultimately finds redemption! Leo did showed a different class of his skill sets in this movie, thus bagging the Oscars for the very first time!

Overwhelmed with public support!

Overwhelmed by public support, Leo told reporters backstage, ‘It all feels incredibly surreal! It’s surreal because you can’t reach out and physically meet everybody. You hear it on the Internet, you hear it from other people and the truth is, we always strive for the best of what we do and this year in particular I’ve been overwhelmed with such support!’

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