Happy Kiss Day 2016, Here Are 10 Type Of Kisses And Their Meaning


It’s time to amaze your partner on this Valentine day. But before that you have golden opportunity to express your love and affection on the Kiss Day. Kiss day falls just a day before from Valentine Day. The feeling can be conveyed in many different ways but the best one is kissing. Kiss is considered to be one of the sweetest move towards a person who keeps an important significant in your life. It signify belief, faith, devotion, bond, warmth, care and many more. A kiss has a different type of meaning and also depends from whom it is coming. The kiss can be anywhere from your face to neck depending the relationship. It varies from your lover to your closest friend.

Here are 10 type of kisses for Kiss Day with their meaning

Kiss Day 11. French Kiss
Ah the French kiss ! It is among the most passionate, romantic and hot kisses. Mostly stars in the movies are seen doing this particular kiss. It is very much simple to try but hard to get it correct. The kiss involves lot of tongue job, principles and techniques. It is named as ‘French Kiss’ because one person’s tounge touches another. It is definitely not a science but an art for the people who are open to try new intimate moment. For some it comes naturally but for others it develops with time.

Kiss Day 22. Single-lip Kiss
A single lip kiss is one where you gently suck another person’s lip between yours simultaneously. You can take any one of your lovers lip and sandwich that between you lips and suck gently. This kiss is the best strong love signal to your partner if given in a correct manner. After Single-lip Kiss, you can really feel that you are very into each other.


Kiss Day 33. Neck Kiss
The name only suggest that the kissing involves someone’s neck. Most of the people love this kiss and desire to do after French Kiss. To execute this kiss right you have to learn to block your saliva. You should start expecting much more when you get this kind of kiss from your partner. Most of the time this kiss occurs when your guy comes from behind and hold your waist.


Kiss Day 44. Earlobe Kiss
Earlobe kiss is a gentle kiss on your partner’s earl or taking the earlobe upwards or downwards from your lips. The kiss can be more passionate if you rub you tongue on the earlove in a circular motion. This kiss is known for the most effective and sexual kisses between partners.



Kiss Day 55. Butterfly Kiss
A Butterfly kiss is a kiss to someone without using of your lips. This is type of a kiss when the lovers get close to eachothers face and their eyelashes touches. When the eye blinks (like the butterfly wings) before a lip kiss it is called as a Butterfly Kiss. This is a way to start or approach for any kind of lip kiss.



Kiss Day 66. Teaser Kiss
Teaser kiss is meant to tease your partner by exploring their body. It starts from the forehead and goes till hands. This kiss helps you to turn on your partner. Generally when the kiss begins from forehand it comes to the lips and then goes to arms and hands. And after reaching to hands the sequence starts reverse and goes back to the forehead.



Kiss Day 77. Lizzard Kiss
This Kiss requires the toungue speedily which goes in and out of your lover’s mouth. It is done very quickly in few strokes. Lizzard Kiss is one of it kind and are dense and heavy for the lovers. The kiss usually happens just for fun..


Kiss Day 88. Upside Down Kiss
Hats off to the couple who have tried this kiss! Big loud of applause! Upside Down Kiss is basically kissing a person whose head is totally opposite from yours. This makes your bottom lip touch top of your partner and vice versa. Do you remember Spiderman movie and its kiss where Spiderman is upside down from the building and Marry Jane is standing upside. Oh! You don’t have to try that but there is a simpilar way to it. When your guy is sitting down on sofa, you can go behind and lean and just kiss his lips.


Kiss Day 99. Teeth Bite Kiss
This is an open mouthed kiss that incorporates the tongue just like the French kiss. The only difference between this kiss and the French kiss is the fact that the teeth are also put into use. The teeth gently grab your partners tongue as you kiss.


Kiss Day 10

10. Juicy Kiss

Well, do I need to say more!





The record says most of the break up occurs due to lack of performance in kissing. Next time make sure you are healthy enough before you start your Kiss. Wish you a Happy Kiss Day.

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