7 Hard To Believe Facts


We all believe everything that happens on earth happens for a reason. There is always some explanation for whatever happens here. However, there are some things that have a complicated reason; but still, it’s hard to digest it. Some things we see and believe; but some things which we see, but it’s hard to believe. Here are 7 hard to believe facts that you will certainly not believe on the first instance for sure.

  1. Lobsters don’t grow old256-610x360

We all know what Lobsters are and many would have eaten them too. But, you might don’t know that Lobsters don’t grow old and die, they only die only because of the external causes as what is believed by scientists.


  1. No Polar Bear for dinner236-610x360

Human beings cannot handle to eat a polar bear’s liver. As if they will eat, they will die because humans can’t handle that much of Vitamin ‘A’.



  1. The atomic weight of a human216-610x360

If we can remove all the empty spaces from the atoms that make up every human being on Earth, then the entire world population could fit into a single apple.



  1. Chocolate bugs88-610x360

We all love to eat chocolates; but have you thought what ingredients are used for making it. We will be stunned to hear that the average chocolate bar contains eight insect parts.


  1. Heart without a brainHeart-in-Glass

We all have a heart and we believe that when we die, the heart stops beating as well. But a heart can still beat outside the body if it is provided with oxygen. It does not rely on electrical signals from the brain.





  1. The biggest life saver115

James Harrison got a blood transfusion at 13 and is therefore vowed to donate blood as an adult. It was discovered afterwards that his blood can cure Rhesus disease. He subsequently donated blood over 1,000 times, saving about 2,000,000 lives it the process.


  1. The tongue cover for the brain232

You will be amazed to know that the woodpecker can fold his tongue around its brain when it is at rest.




These are all unbelievable facts. Most of these are scientifically proven; while some are still under research. But these are sure to blow our mind.

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