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4 Lakh Tourists For Goa Carnival 2016 - 7 Highlights of this 3 Day Event

4 Lakh Tourists For Goa Carnival 2016 – 7 Highlights Of This 3 Day Event


2016, Carnival, Goa,Goa Carnival 2016

The much-awaited affair in Goa is just a day away. This 3-day Goa carnival is an inseparable heritage of the state. This year, the Goa Tourism is hoping to host around 4 lakh tourists. The carnival is slated for February 6 to 9.

The carnival is just not about music, dance and flashy evenings but some major highlights like musical parades, lavish floats, short plays, wines and much more. This festival truly brings out the best of the vibrant culture of Goa. The festivities and celebrations continue for four days, and gifts Goa a new life which is jazzy, so lively! The vibrant musical parades and lavish floats are the major highlights of the carnival.

Highlights of Goa Carnival 2016

2016, Carnival, Goa,Goa Carnival 2016

1. Plan of the carnival

The key attraction, main float parade will be held in the capital city, Panjim, on February 6. Further it will travel to other cities of Margao on February 7, Vasco on February 8 and conclude at Mapusa on February 9.

2. Most colourful edition

Dilip Parulekar, Tourism Minister of Goa, and Nikhil Desai, Managing Director, Goa Tourism Development Corporation said while unveiling the 2016 Goa Carnival preparations in Delhi that this year’s edition will be the most colourful in the history of carnivals of the state.

2016, Carnival, Goa,Goa Carnival 2016

3. Collaborated with European Commission’s Cultural Exchange programme

For the first time in the history, Goa Tourism has collaborated with the European Commission’s Cultural Exchange programme. They joined hands to exchange artists among the three Carnivals, which are Asia (Goa); Europe (Liverpool) and Africa (South Africa). This will help to learn and adopt unique aspects of these carnivals among themselves. This program was funded by the European Commission funded exchange programme and will go on for 3 years.

4. Activities

the first Day-Fat begins on Saturday evening with a colossal procession headed by King Momo. It will be flocked by dancers, bands of troubadours dressed up as fortune tellers, hawkers, women, and older men in funny clothes. The crackers are thrown in gay abandon and keep in rhythm with the beats of the drums. The final day of the carnival is very famous, the red and black dance. Here the women are dressed in red tops and black skirts and the men in red shirts and black trousers, they together dance with bands in a very colourful procession.

5. Preparation

The preparations for this grand carnival begin from December.

2016, Carnival, Goa,Goa Carnival 2016

6. Biggest Highlight of India

This Carnival is one of the biggest highlights in the state as well as the country. Basically it’s a colourful spectacle through which you can get a glimpse into Goa’s glorious past and also how traditions have been carried over time.

7. Grape Escapade

This is the largest wine festival which is also being organised by the goa tourism. This is the 11th edition, and will be held at DB Bandodkar Grounds, Panjim. Around 2 lakh people are expected to visit this Wine Festival. There will be wineries from Australia, South Africa, and also the domestic Indian wineries. The Grape Escapade is one of the most vibrant wine festivals in the country. Some attractions will be wine tasting sessions, grape stomping, fashion shows and live entertainment.

Goa Carnival is a unique illustration of the rich multi-cultural heritage of Goa, and this carnival is the best time to visit this state to experience the true essence of Goa.

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