Alarming News, Global Warming Can Reduce Oxygen On Earth


Earth,oxygen,Phytoplankton,ocean temperature,Photosynthesis,Global Warming

Unpredictable weather patterns, melting of ice, drought, and rising sea levels are some of the adverse effects that have been seen in the world. Yes, all this happens because of Global Warming, which has struck the world and could soon snuff out the life on Earth.

Apart from all these, there is something even more alarming which might make our life of Earth inhabitable and unsustainable.


See what the new research on Global Warming has to say:

1. Oxygen will be stolen

All the oxygen on Earth will be stolen by global warming, which means there will be no air to breathe.

2. No Photosynthesis and Oxygen release

The process of Photosynthesis and releasing oxygen will become impossible by the microscopic sea plants and phytoplankton because of the increasing temperature which is due to global warming.

3. Drop of Oxygen levels in the atmosphere

As the plants will not be able to release oxygen in the atmosphere, this will in turn result in the drop of oxygen levels – WARNING from researchers.

4. Most dangerous effect of Global Warming

Scientists from the Britain’s University Leicester warns that this is the most dangerous consequence of global warming.

5. Arriving Soon

Humans on this planet will be struck very soon and no one will be able to do anything against it.

6. Who can control?

Controlling the global warming now is the only thing in the hands of people.

Earth,oxygen,Phytoplankton,ocean temperature,Photosynthesis,Global Warming


What is Photosynthesis?

It is a process by which the plants with the help of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere make their food in the presence of sunlight, and further release oxygen in the atmosphere which is the byproduct.


Earth,oxygen,Phytoplankton,ocean temperature,Photosynthesis,Global WarmingHow will Phytoplanktons get affected and what will be the end results?

1. Two-third of the oxygen on Earth is contributed by Phytoplanktons.

2. Global warming has resulted in the rise of average global temperature by 1-degree Celsius.

3. If the rising global temperature is not controlled now it might result to a 6-degree Celsius rise by 2100.

4. If the temperature rises to this horrendous level, the ability of performing photosynthesis will be lost by phytoplankton.

5. As phytoplankton will be unable to produce oxygen there will be a drop in the levels of oxygen.

6. Without oxygen Earth will become an inhabitable place to live.

7. Both land and water lives will be affected, killing all humans on land and species in water.

This study was solely based on mathematical model and many other natural factors have not been taken into account. However with consideration of other factors the study might have a different outcome. But the results of this study has alarmed people of what expected to happen if we do not control Global Warming now. This particular affect is the most dangerous of all the risk associated is also immense.

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