Freedom 251 Fraud? Many Allegations And Controversies Surround The Cheap Smartphone


Freedom 251 fraudAlas! World’s cheapest smartphone scheme is turning out to be the biggest scam of the decade. The Freedom 251 fraud has become the most talked about topic for the last few days; especially when it’s manufacturing company, Ringing Bell started getting surrounded by many allegations and controversies.

Most recently, the BPO that was handling the customer care service for Freedom 251 accused Ringing Bell of the fraud. According to them, Freedom 251 fraud is apparent, because Ringing Bell has suddenly terminated the contract with them and refused to pay the dues.

Allegations and controversies that confirm Freedom 251 fraud

  • BPO accusation of Freedom 251 fraud: The recent allegation regarding Freedom 251 fraud has come from the BPO that was given the contract of customer care service for Freedom 251. Anuj Bairathi, Founder and CEO of Cyfuture BPO accused Ringing Bell saying, “We were always skeptical of Ringing Bells and their business model.” He further said that they took the project only when the company showed them the names of senior politicians visiting their launch event. When Freedom 251 smartphone was launched, the Cyfuture hired nearly 100 employees for this project. Initially, Ringing Bells was quite happy with their service. However, as days passed, the company authorities started avoiding the calls. Ringing Bells also terminated the contract abruptly citing ‘unsatisfactory services’. Mr. Anuj calls this, “a clear case of cheating, fraud and breach of contract.”

Freedom 251 fraud

  • The price: As soon as the Freedom 251 smartphone was launched, millions of people rushed to the website and tried to book this cheapest smartphone in the world. This also resulted in crashing of the website. Though it looks like quite exciting news at first instance, people across the globe started questioning the price. Many people and media asked whether it was really possible to manufacture a 3G smartphone at Rs.251 or $4. Several people compared the Freedom 251 fraud with the controversial ‘Akash’ tab project.


  • Not really a ‘Make In India’ project: Though it was initially stated that Freedom 251 was a part of Make in India initiative; it turned to be false information too. The company, Ringing Bells has taken orders and money for first 30,000 smartphones. However, these smartphones are not manufactured in India. In fact, the company doesn’t have completed units ready as well. In addition to this, Ringing Bells is going to manufacture the rest of the units of the Smartphone outside India, as there is no manufacturing unit established within the country.

Freedom 251 fraud

  • No clarity over getting the refund: Till the end of the registration date, 30,000 people booked the Freedom 251 smartphone by paying for them online. However, in case the units delivered to them don’t come out satisfactory, the customers would definitely want a refund. However, the whole program has no clear guidelines about getting the refund for unsatisfactory units, which is further adding fuel to the Freedom 251 fraud concept.


All these factors are certainly making this whole picture nothing but a Freedom 251 fraud, which many people would want to stay away from.

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