Forget US & Europe; Indian Rupee will make you feel rich in these 10 holiday destination


Planning a trip to foreign destination will seem to be very costly for you. But all places are not that costly as we have thought it to be. Some places are so much cost effective that paying a visit there might be negliable for you in India. The expenses there are so less that we would feel like a millionaire with Indian Rupees. Some of these places are as follows:

  1. Vietnam          1 Rupee = 343.66 Vietnamese Dong1. www.jod_.uk_Vietnam

The chance to visit this awesome place and have their special foods is just amazing. No one would like to miss this place as the here money will be highly valuable because of the high value of Indian Rupee. This place feels like being in the middle of some epic Steven Spielberg Movie.


  1. Belarus         1 Rupee = 242.24 Belarusian Ruble2. Ilya-Kuzniatsou_Belarus

Belarus doesn’t have much to see but if you are a fan of nostalgic Soviet architecture and ambience then this place is for you then. Also if you want to feel like you are in Russia with a lower price then, this place is the right option for you.



  1. Indonesia           1 Rupee = 209.88 Indonesian Rupaiah3. www.reddit_indo-1

Indonesia is a great place for local shopping, amazing spa, and marvellous beaches that seem almost incredible visiting there and trying to believe that this is actual place and not a HD Wallpaper. Indonesia comprises of an archipelago of over thousand islands.



  1. Paraguay          1 Rupee = 81.36 Paraguayan Guarani4. www.allianceabroad_Paraguay

If you like adventures and thrill kind of sports then this is the right place for you. It offers varieties of such sports like waterfall rappelling and white water rafting. This place will surely pump up your heart at a very fast rate.


  1. Cambodia          1 Rupee = 64.02 Cambodian Riel5. www.ttrweekly_cambodia

Cambodia gives you plenty of opportunities to witness the iconic ruins belonging to the long gone civilization, half enshrouded in thick and lush green forest areas. You can play Indiana Jones here while exploring the lost cities all lying forgotten with time.


  1. Uzbekistan          1 Rupee = 40.25 Uzbekistani Som6.www.getintravel_Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is the proud home of the spell bound arsenal of architecture and ancient cities, all deeply infused with the bloody and fascinating history of the Silk Road for the offbeat traveler.


  1. Mongolia        1 Rupee = 31.11 Mongolian Tugrik7. www.tpg_Mongolia

If you want to experience the lives of nomadic people with a pinch of history and adventures, you can straight away plan your trip to Mongolia as all this is there for you to explore. There many other things as well where you can make yourself comfortable and enjoy a lot.


  1. South Korea          1 Rupee = 17.69 South Korean Won8. www.reddit_South

South Korea is a very beautiful place and the dream destination for travelers as here there is a great balance of nature as well as industrialization. Here you will see hi-tech advancement keeping in mind the nature. Also, you will get to see a traditions and old ways of old Asia.


  1. Chile         1 Rupee = 10 Chilean Peso9. sevennaturalwonders_Chile

Chile is a calm place as the basic vibes of this country is a casual and relaxed one. Parched Dunes, fertile valleys, volcanoes, ancient forests, massive glaciers and fjords are some of the extreme landscapes that you will encounter while making your way to this incredibly long country.


  1. Costa Rica          1 Rupee = 8.40 Costa Rican Colon10. traveloptions.us_Cost-rica

Costa Rico is the site of the famous Hollywood blockbuster movie Jurassic Park. This place is rich in biodiversity set in the proximity of pristine beaches and emerald green waters. Here, you will find the cleanest and greenest environment in the world.

These places can be your holiday destination with expenses as minimum. You will had a great time and will explore most of the beautiful and thrilling place where you will like the king because of the higher value of Indian rupee.

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