A Massive Flood May Leave 55 Millions Indians Homeless, Says Report


A Massive Flood May Leave 55 Millions Indians Homeless, Says Report- Flood, India

Recent reports have revealed that due to the rapid change in climate soon the world may be flooded, destroying the homes of around 470 to 760 million people. As the global temperature is rising tremendously high, it may lead to melting the icecaps which will cause heavy floods around the world, destroying massive land areas which are home to millions of people.


Take a look at the effects of this rapid climate change:

1. Climate Change:

Around 55 million people expected to be affected by the climate change who are living around the coastal regions in India.

2. Temperature Rise:

There will be a need for the entire world to reshape its maps, if there is four degree rise in the global temperature. Which the current course indicates.

If the rising temperature is controlled to two degrees, this natural disaster which is manmade may be avoided.

If temperature rise is two-degree rise it is expected to submerge less land and affect less people, which can be around 20 million people in India and 64 million in China.

A US-based research centre warned China around 145 million people to be affected by the heat rise.

3. Rise in Water Level:

Cities such as Howrah, Kolkata and Mumbai in India, Hanoi in Vietnam Khulna, Bangladesh & Shanghai and Shantou in China will submerge due to the rise in water level.

4. Carbon Emission:

The potential victims of this dreaded flood can be reduced if, carbon emission is cut down. This will result to a two degree rise which is expected to affect 130 million people globally.

Besides India & China, America which is one of the wealthiest country in the world is estimated to lose a 25-million people as a result of this disaster.

The responsibility of making things right depends largely on India, China and USA, as they are world’s top three carbon emitters.

5. Effects on additional nations:

Expected around 12 additional nations to be hit by the disastrous flood, where each country is estimated to suffer a 10-million fatality.

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