10 Things That Will Happen When You Disconnect From Technology


Technology surrounds us. We humans just can’t live without technology these days. It’s an extremely important and integral part of our life. The moment we wake up, until we sleep; we use technology in some or other form. Be it the alarm clock or our Smartphone; our car or our laptop; printer in our office or coffee vending machine in café; TV in the living room or microwave in the kitchen; technology helps us achieve all sorts of tasks within seconds and with lesser efforts.Disconnect from technology

But, have you ever imagined, what will happen if we disconnect from technology? What will be our life? What will we do without certain gadget? Here is a small analysis that I tried to do over the situation where I imagined a life without the technology. And my findings? Here is a list of 10 things that might happen when you disconnect from technology, even for a day.


Disconnect from technology1) Your mind will start clearing up:

The biggest technology that surrounds us and literally has a control over our lives is the smartphones and laptops. These mobile devices have given us extra hands and brains to work a little more. However, when it’s a blessing on one hand; it is also a disadvantage. Thanks to these gadgets, our brains are constantly occupied. If you ditch the laptops and smartphones, even for a day, your mind will start clearing up. You will start feeling more like a human, than a machine. You can now give full attention to things that are actually important to you; like your family, home, hobbies and many more.

Disconnect from technology2) Your senses will start rejuvenating:

How many times you have actually ‘sensed’ the food you eat? People across the globe now love eating their food while watching TV or endlessly surfing on their smartphones. Try eating the food without having these gadgets around for one day. And you will start seeing the color of your food; smell its aroma and understand its actual taste. You may also hear the sounds around you which you never heard before; like chirping of birds, sounds of the winds, laughter of kids and people talking to each other outside.

Disconnect from technology3) You will start feeling calmer:

When you disconnect from technology, outer noises start reducing and in turn, your mind starts to calm down. You will start forgetting your stress and enjoy the moment. You can get much peaceful sleep at night when your mind is quite. And such sleep can recharge your batteries and you can get ready for the next week with increased energy and enthusiasm.

Disconnect from technology4) You will start connecting to your inner self:

When your mind becomes calm, you also feel reconnected with your inner self. When you disconnect from technology, you will actually start thinking about your life, its goals and also why you are working like a dog throughout the week. You will start understanding your mistakes and achievements in life. This is the best way to determine the further path in your life.


Disconnect from technology5) Time starts slowing down:

Have you ever wondered why Saturdays and Sundays pass so quickly and the week dreads so much? Does the clock work faster on weekends and slower on weekdays? Actually, time passes with its own speed; no matter what day is it. However, we often stuff our weekends, or off days with so many things that the time doesn’t get enough. We want to go for a movie, shop online, and get some repairs done at home and many more. In all this, our time simply flies, leaving us exhausted. However, when we disconnect from technology, we start getting close to the real people and nature. The time often hangs around little more when we are with loved ones and surrounded by true nature.

Disconnect from technology6) Your mental health starts improving:

You will get so many advantages when you disconnect from technology that your mental health will start improving. Your mind will get calmer and stronger than before. You will be able to think logically and rationally, even during difficulties. Stress induces anger, frustration and irritation; while a calm mind induces positive thoughts, greater concentration and ability to think straight.

Disconnect from technology7) Your physical health will improve:

This is obvious. When you disconnect from technology, you start using your physical strengths more. If you ditch your car at least once in a week, you will tend to walk more than what you will walk in a week. Also, there are many other tasks which can be done by hands rather than using a gadget. Daily chores like washing clothes can be done by hands once, which will serve as a great exercise for you. If you don’t buy ready-to-eat food that needs a microwave to cook it; you will end up cooking a fresh meal, which will be in-turn healthy for you.

Disconnect from technology8) You will feel less guilty:

You might wonder how to feel less guilty when you disconnect from technology. It actually works this way for me. If I don’t look at my phone for a day and tell all my clients and associates not to disturb me; I don’t have to worry about the meetings and appointments at least for that day. Then I can enjoy my day to the fullest, as I always want to. I can sleep a little more, I can cook the food I like and I can spend more time with my family. The result? I can enjoy myself without feeling guilty.

Disconnect from technology9) Negative feelings won’t strike your mind:

Studies have shown that Facebook and other social media are the biggest source of dissatisfaction and jealousy amongst people. When they happen to see how their friends and colleagues are enjoying their lives or have achieved something precious; they tend to feel hopeless in their own lives. If you don’t use social media at least for one day, you will be able to look at your own life in a new perspective. This rest-period helps in resetting your focus on appreciating the simple pleasures in your life.

Disconnect from technology10) You will start improving yourself:

One of the biggest advantages that you will get when you disconnect from technology! Since you get a chance to reflect your thoughts and ideas, you will start improving yourself in all possible fields. Your health will be in check all the time. You can think about your career in better perspective. You can analyze your mistakes and moves in brighter light. Due to all this, you will come out as a different person than how you were a day before. Regardless of what setbacks you had in the previous week, your next day will be bright an full of energy.

Finally, life is all about ups and downs. But it’s wise to learn from your mistakes than dreading them. And disconnect from technology, even for a day, will help you achieve so many things; then why not try it!

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