10 Indications That Your Daughter Is Having An Affair


So all you parents, what is your major fear when you have a daughter? More precisely, teen daughter. I am sure all would be scared to face that dreaded parental encounter known as meeting your baby girl’s boyfriend. Well, boys date too. But let’s face the truth, Indian parents tend to be more protective and worried about their girl child entering into the big bad dating world.

Here’s 10 signs your daughter is having an affair –


Daughter,Affair,Boyfriend,Dating1. Behaviour

The very first thing that indicates about an affair is a change in behaviour. Have you noticed the way your daughter behaves? As this can often give away signals that she is having an affair. Try noting simple things, for instance is she constantly on the mobile phone texting and smiling, or if she is always busy, or running off from home quite often. We can’t say that these are sure answers to your doubts, but it can be a pretty strong signal that she’s dating with someone.




2. Social Media

As these days Social Media has become increasingly popular medium to keep a track of what is happening in whose life. Is your daughter posting too many selfies on Social Media? Is she being tagged in pics where she is blushing and looking shy? Is she making too frequent status updates? Check you might just get a clue.



3. Dedicating romantic numbers on Radio

Radio, one of the most popular medium to dedicate songs to your loved ones these days. Few girls during the initial phase of their dates tend to call up these radio people and dedicate romantic songs for their Boyfriends. You can be lucky to catch your daughter if you are tuned into the same channel at the same time when she does so.



4. Smiles for no reason

Have you noticed your daughter getting lost during dinner time and smiling? During an affair, girls tend to think about their date almost all the time. In fact their love is at such peak that they tend to even smile unconsciously relating to some incidence between them and their date. This is a very weird indication but a very common one.




5. Starts breaking rules

Has your daughter started breaking the rules all of a sudden? Like if you give her a curfew, she breaks it or if you give her any task and ask her to complete before she goes out, she ignores you. Well this is a negative effect but happens to almost all girls when they start having an affair.





6. Starts crying more often

When girls start having an affair, you might hear her crying in her bedroom, or stifling and sobbing over her phone? Or even sniffling while texting or talking to someone online. All this generally sums up to one conclusion, that there is a guy in her life and probably he is the reason.



7. Changed way of dressing

The hidden wish to look amazing and beautiful begins when a girl starts dating anyone. She tries all possible way to look extremely attractive so that her partner just looks and admires her. So if your girl goes from jeans to short skirts or girly outfits, she is getting signals from her new bf that this is what he wants her to be and a clear signal for you that your daughter is having an affair.




8. Using a lot of Make-up

These days all girls love make up and this might not work as a true indication for you. But for if your girl preferred staying simple and sober before and now all of a sudden she tries become a fashion diva with a Hot Red colour lipstick on, it is surely an alarm for you.



9. Lying

Have you caught your daughter lying to you about where she is or with whom she is? Girls start lying to parents very often when they start dating someone. As they find this to be the best way escape. She might tell you that she is at a friend’s place studying, but actually at a coffee shop dating.




10. Passwords everywhere

Girls try to protect their mobiles and laptops from parents, mainly to hide messages, photos and videos. Did your daughter just password protect all her electronic devices? Which were earlier not? Alarm there might be something fishy and something definitely she is trying to hide from you.



We can’t blame anyone for the build-up fears, we see so many cases that take place all around us each day, like girls getting pregnant, raped and much more. And as parents, such scandals make us even more possessive towards daughters. Hopefully these signs can help you track and guide your daughters well, so that no one can take advantage of them ever.


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