Color Psychology! 7 Different Colors With Their Impact On One’s Mood, Emotions & Behavior!


Color psychology or chromo-therapy or light therapy or color healing exists on Earth from almost 5,000 years. The ancient Egyptians and Hindu healers have linked color psychology with many important aspects of human life. Every color has its own wavelength, and it is this wavelength which gives that particular color its own characteristics. So, here is a list of 7 different colors with their impact on one’s mood, emotions and behavior:

All you need to know about Color Psychology!

Color Psychology 1. Black!

The color Black signifies authority along with power. It also represents intelligence with knowledge. As black color collects all the positive energies which come towards it, it is therefore said to act as a protective barrier for a person.



Color Psychology 2. Pink!

The baby color, Pink is psychologically a dominant color. This color is said to have the properties of reducing anger and anxiety, and therefore is treated as nurturing and physically soothing color.



Color Psychology 3. White!

While the color black is known as the color of total absorption, so as the color white is known as the color of total reflection! This color has a calming effect, and sometimes acts as a symbol of innocence and cleanliness.



Color Psychology 4. Red!

Representing faster heartbeat, breathing and lots of love, red is considered as an emotionally intense color. At the same time, it is not the perfect color for negotiations and confrontations, as it is an extreme color having physical effects!


Color Psychology 5. Green!

Green soothes one’s eyes in a way that no other color does. Green is the color of natural beauty, and is considered the best in reducing fatigue, giving rest and relaxation. It is also a decorative and fresh color.



Color Psychology 6. Yellow!

Yellow color is often related to the happiness of a person. It is because of the fact that yellow color helps in releasing a chemical called Serotonin in one’s brain that helps in keeping his happy mood. At the same time, it enhances optimism and boosts confidence and creates liveliness.


Color Psychology

7. Blue!

Blue is often related to calmness, and it appears to free one’s mind. Blue is even treated as dominant business color as it reflects loyalty.



Even, the Golden color is considered to be the color of triumph, achievement and success. It is also associated with elegance, luxury, prosperity and warmth.

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