Check Out These 8 Strange Types Of Addictions You Can Get Hooked Up With


Whenever we hear the word “addictions” we instantly link it to drugs or alcohol. Mostly we interpret that it is a dependency on a certain substance. Drugs and alcohol are the most commonly abused substances when it comes to addiction, but these are not the only things people are actually addicted to.

Try to substitute the word “behaviour” instead of “substance,” and the definition of addiction will be clear. The dependencies will surely surprise you.

It can be sex, Internet, or bungee jumping, the desire to such experience can be so high and strong that the addict actually loses control and goes on seeking the activity irrespective of all the negative consequences.

Check out the eight habits you can get hooked up with:


1. Gambling Addiction

This particular addiction is the closest match with the drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, gambling has been reclassified an impulse control disorder to an addictive disorder. Few studies have proved that the gambling addiction can light up the same areas of the brain similar to the drug addictions. At the same time the treatment of this addiction is usually has the same type of therapy settings which is used for the drug and alcohol abuse.



2. Sex Addiction

This addiction can be best described as the progressive intimacy disorder which is characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. It also has negative impact on the addict and also on the family members similar to the other types of addiction. So as the addiction increases the impact keeps on getting negatively influenced. Sex addicts get involved in masturbation, extensive use of pornography, phone or computer sex. Some addicts even get involved in illegal activities, like exhibitionism, obscene phone calls, child molestation,voyeurism, or even rape.



3. Internet Addiction

Presently we all live in a wired world, internet addiction can be a true problem for some people. This kind of addiction involves loss of control, as well as a very negative consequence at work and at home. A study revealed that compulsive use of the World Wide Web can occupy up to 11 hours of an Internet addict’s day.This can also be called as Internet dependency and Internet compulsivity.



4. Shopping Addiction

These addictions can spin you out of control. It is considered to be a really impulse control disorder. What do these kinds of addicts do? Well they keep purchasing items to avoid feeling sad and then feel guilty afterwards, they have a closet full of clothes with many still having their price tags on. These people are basically shopaholics. Studies have shown that mostly women get affected by this type of addiction and it can result into really big issues, be it financially or personally.



5. Video Game Addiction

So you can’t get your hands off that game console? Probably you are hooked up with this addiction. As per few research the video game addiction is the most common in boys and men. it has been found that 1 in 10 video players, between the age of 8 and 18 are out-of-control gamers.




6. Plastic Surgery Addiction

Some people go under the knife again and again just to improve the way they look. People who suffer with this addiction obsessively go from one doctor to the other doctor until they find a plastic surgeon who agrees to treat them. Addicts have an idea that they are ugly or deformed and keep on getting them under the knife to look perfect.




7. Food Addiction

Obsession for food can actually be food addictions. Binge eating disorder is a real problem which affects many adults. The symptoms of this includes, eating to ease emotions, overdoing it on food while alone, and post eating feeling guilty. Food seems to be a drug for people, however the real cause of eating disorders is not really known, but it is mostly linked to depression than addiction.



8. Risky Behaviour Addiction

These addicts love to take real time life risk. These thrill seekers actually share similar symptomswith the drug addicts. They start with skydiving or rock climbing, but later they seek out for even more dangerous adventures and intent to feel that same level of excitement. The thrills release the same flood of brain chemicals like the addictive of drugs.



People who get hooked up with an addiction lose control over what they are doing, taking or using. In fact, their addiction can reach a point which can become harmful. Be careful!

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