Bride-To-Be? Stop Eating These 7 Foods To Avoid Bloating On Your D-Day


Is your wedding day coming near? Are your stressed? Well that’s a part and parcel of all brides to be. All brides face this constant stress, the reason for stress can be too many in numbers. But the stress that which wins over all is the one to look good on the D Day. Apart from the stress there are loads of advises which come in from all corners which leads to bloating.

So how to keep this stress away? Do we listen to all? Well I would say, start ignoring. Listen to yourself as no one know you better than you do. Bloating is one issue that all of us face, and when we take stress the chances to feel bloated are even more. I understand how bad one would feel if she feels bloated on her wedding day. But Chill Girls, as I bring for you 8 horrible things that you should avoid eating one week before your wedding and you will feel very light and confident.

Stop Eating These 7 Foods To Avoid Bloating

Food, Bloating

1. Junk Food

This is a quite obvious one, that’s the reason I kept it on top of this lost. Many of us try to release stress by having junk foods, but these might satisfy your mind and heart temporarily but the after affects are going to be seen near your waist.


Food, Bloating

2. Coffee

Coffee doesn’t help you reduce stress but instead it can mess your beauty sleep before wedding. Apart from affecting your sleep it can also lead to a puffed stomach. So try and avoid it, in case you are too addicted you can have a cup.


Food, Bloating

3. The Cauliflower Family

Strictly avoid all the veggies from the cauliflower family. We all know they are loaded with cellulose and it is very difficult for the stomach to break it down.


Food, Bloating

4. Chewing Gums

Well chewing gums are a good exercise for the face, as it helps to get a sculpted selfie face. But one needs to understand that the more you chew, the more air you are swallowing in which will puff up your belly! So say No to Chewing Gums.


Food, Bloating

5. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are undoubtedly healthy. But they contain concentrated bundles of fructose and glucose so it is suggested that bride-to-be should avoid it completely before the D-Day.


Food, Bloating

6. Alcohol

Alcohol contains sulphuric gases which weaken the digestive system. Improper digestion can give you that fat feeling next day.


Food, Bloating

7. Carbonated Drinks

Say No to all Carbonated Drinks, even the diet coke! Those bubbles will make your stomach bloated. Apart from that they are also very high in sugar content!


So immediately stop eating all these if your wedding day is coming soon. These will do more harm than any good. The idea is to Feel Good and Look Good.

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