Confirmed! Ben Affleck DID Cheat On His Wife


Ben AffleckHollywood is all famous for multiple love stories, break ups and divorces as well. But, we all have to agree that it was pretty shocking to hear when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner decided to part off. Jennifer revealed that Ben Affleck cheated on her. Here is what Jen had to say about Ben.



Ben Affleck cheated on his wife, Jennifer Garner

1.Jennifer said she (the nanny) wasn’t a part of the equation. She and her ex-husband decided to part off just a few weeks before they were going to celebrate their 10th year anniversary together.

Ben Affleck

2.She literally poured hear heart out during the interview (with Vanity Fair) and said that they were separated months before she even heard about the nanny. Though she says that it had nothing to do with their decision to divorce.

3.She also added that people have pain, they do regrettable things they feel ashamed and shame equals pain. No one needs to hate him for me, I don’t hate him.

4.She also said that don’t worry her eyes were wide open during the marriage and she will be taking good care of herself.

5.Jennifer Garner further said that she had to explain the meaning of scandal to her children; Violet, Seraphina, Sam aging 10,7 and 4 years old due to the aftermath of Ben’s dirty deed.

Ben Affleck

6.Jennifer mentioned that she had made a silent oath to herself to stay away of the scandal by moving away from the internet and unplugging herself from the coverage of the situation.

7.Christine, the nanny has been allegedly sacked, though Ben denies that he was a cheat.

8.She posed for a cover photo to accompany the chat wearing cute blue and white dress with a plunging neckline.

9.It was also reported that she went on a couple of dates with Patrick in December, including one which lasted an entire weekend.

10.Jennifer Garner is now dating Patrick Dempsey. Looking at the talk and her spark one thing was evident that she was relived and excited.

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Source: The Sun.

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