10 Reasons why the BCCI can never be freed from Political Clutches


Do you know during a cricket match, when you wave the Indian flag, actually you are supporting for a company known as the BCCI not for the country India.

Do you know watching a cricket match at a cricket stadium or on your own television set, the company BCCI earns in billions without giving a single penny as the income tax? Because the BCCI represents itself as an autonomous entity who is not using Indian resources (may be the land of a cricket ground belongs to the planet Mars). 

Do you know, unlike cricket players, the governing council of the company BCCI comprising the politicians, their supportive businessmen and politician’s favorite people? It is a VVIP organization at all.

Interestingly, we as cricket lovers celebrate every triumph and weep on the defeat in every cricket match. We want to send our best cricketer in every International cricket tournament. But there are people in the BCCI governing body, the selection committee who perhaps don’t care about 1.26 billion Indians feeling. They have their own hidden interests, money, and politics involved over the national interest. In Instance, the IPL scam, DDCA scam, and so on.

Why the BCCI cannot free from political ministers and M.P. who perhaps would not have even played at their school or college level. We have the analysis:Money Matters for BCCI

  1. The Money Matters 

The revenue of a cricket match tickets comes in millions or may be in billions as the BCCI does not come under any regulations so we don’t know the exact authenticated figure. Now, this money has no tracking with any stipulation so you can imagine this can be used in various modes. For instance, charity for political parties after all they would require money to fight elections, but not for the tax payer’s benefit isn’t it.

  1. Favoritism & Nepotism 

The conflict of the interest (for instance earlier BCCI boss’s own son-in-law, Gurunath Meiyappan in the IPL franchise), the favoritism (for instance the connection of the former IPL boss Lalit Modi with the then C.M. of Rajasthan), hidden criterion in the selection of the administrator of the BCCI prove that favoritism and nepotism have been pervasive from the root of the BCCI.

  1. The Power game 

The Power game

The agony of the political people is, if the power gone they are gone. However, internally all political parties are equal and same but power matters. The ruling party does not want to preside an opponent leader or vice versa. Arun Jately, Sharad Pawar, Anurag Thakur, Rajiv Shukla is the big politicians names who were sometimes very tough to leave the board or still on the board. Ironically, getting power is the reason why they are very tenacious to leave a firm (the BCCI) for which they barely have any concern.

  1. A Company with no Country

The BCCI, as it projects itself, is a privately held monotonous company. The BCCI doesn’t associate with any country as they repeatedly insist on the sport ministry, the courts and the CIC. Therefore, the BCCI’s officials are not working for the country India while they are working as the other privately owned companies’, sharing the profit.

  1. No limit only credit- no RTI 

No limit only credit- no RTIExemption from the purview of the Right To Information is another reason for the politicians to stick with the BCCI. The RTI exemption gives unlimited powers to the politicians to make money without revealing to the nation. The IPL scam probing Justice Lodha committee recommended that the BCCI should come under the RTI act.

  1. No age limit and no tenure

The BCCI, a national company, doesn’t ask for the age of a person to be its part. The politicians and ministers, who make policies in the parliament, including the age limit criterion in various levels of bureaucracy, actually exempted themselves from age criterion in the BCCI.

  1. No accountability

As an autonomous entity the BCCI is not accountable to any court, the Govt. or to the CIC. When one is un-accountable for anything he or she enjoys the profound independence.

  1. Political revenge

The political parties use the BCCI to settle their political scores. Recently, allegation on a senior ruling party leader in DDCA scam after a CBI raid on another political party’s office prove this theory of political vendetta.

  1. Haven for the black money


Haven for the black moneyA lot of talks have been held on the black money issue, but the country found nothing. The companies like the BCCI with shallow money management allow the black money holders (ministers and businessmen) to convert their money into the legally vivid white.

  1. Control of the ICC

The BCCI is the richest cricket board among all the boards of cricket playing countries. Hence, the shares of the BCCI to managing and controlling the world cricket bodies and of course on the ICC are vital. The road of politics goes all the way to sustain the BCCI.

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Reference: Indianexpress

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