7 Unbelievable Facts About The Human Eyes That You Didn’t Know!


Even as you read this article, your eyes are still working at an incredible pace and that too doing it silently and stealthily. Now, ask yourself though, how much do you know about the human eye, an incredible organ of the human body? Just for instance, did you know or ever heard that every time anyone who light up a cigarette;they are reducing their night vision? One more, did you ever notice that an average blink lasts around 300-400 milliseconds?Here are 7 unbelievable facts about the human eyes that you didn’t know; so that you can also appreciate the superhuman power of the deceptively uncomplicated human eye.

Unbelievable facts about the human eyes

human eye1. The focusing muscle of the human eye moves around 1,000,000 times every day!

It’s crazy to know that how much the focusing muscle of the human eye gets done in just a single day. On an average, this amazing muscle of the human eye moves around 1,000,000 times every single day. And if this doesn’t blow your mind; let’s put this fact in perspective. For the leg muscles in order to get the same kind of workout; one would have to walk approximately 50 miles, every day!


human eye2. All human beings had brown eyes until about 10,000 years ago and blue eyes are a more recent phenomenon!

Originally, every single human being was known to have brown eyes. However, around 10,000 years ago, someone living near the Black Sea developed a genetic mutation,which turned brown eyes to blue and is a sign indicating that humans are still evolving! Also, there are many theories regarding how blue eyes have still persisted many generations later!


human eye3. How far can the human eye see? Now, assuming a flat earth and complete darkness, the human

eye is sensitive enough to spot a candle flame, flickering up to 30miles (48 kms) away!
Although the Earth’s surface, typically curves out of sight at a distance of around 3.1 miles (5 kms); but our ability to see actually extended far beyond that particular distance. Assuming, if the Earth were completely flat and you were standing on top of a mountain; you could even see the bright lights, which are even hundreds of miles away! And, on a particularly dark night, you will be able to see a candle flame flickering in the distance up to 30 miles away!


human eye4. Both our left and right eyes have independent blind spots!

The human eye is known to have a blind spot on the retina. However, the wonderful thing about this is that, both the left and the right eye have blind spots, which are aligned symmetrically. What this fact means is that,most of the time;one eye’s field of vision will be going to compensate for the others loss of vision.


human eye5. The human eye, an incredible organ, can even distinguish about 10 million different colors!

Essentially, there are only three primary colors, i.e.red, green and blue, which make up the millions of colors that are distinguishable to the human eye. And each human eye contains three receptors, which are assigned to each primary color and are responsible for the creation of the understanding of color, when stimulated in diverse combinations. This theory is popularly known as the Young-Helmholtz Trichromatic Theory.


human eye6. If the human eye was a digital camera, it would probably have a resolution equivalent to 576 megapixels!

The human eyes work tirelessly, moving rapidly in small and angular amounts so that they can continuously update all the images of what we are seeing in the brain. And considering we have two eyes; this amazing power also gets multiplied by 2 that further increases the resolution and, thus increases the amount of detail we perceive. And this resolution is approximately estimated at a whopping 576 megapixels!


human eye7. Human corneas are so similar to shark corneas that they may, one day, be used as a replacement in human eye surgery!

Sharks can actually prove exceedingly useful to humans. Optometric researchers are now investigating the possibility of using the shark corneas as a substitute to human corneas in transplant surgeries!As, apparently, shark corneas are rather alike to our corneas. And if this were to become a reality; then it would be path breaking!

Also, green-eyed people make up only 1-2% of the entire human population and naturally occurring violet-colored eyes also exist. At the end, we have left with one more amazing fact to be shared; humans get ‘red eye’ in photos because the flash reflects off of the blood vessels in the retinas! Whereas, in dogs and other animals, their eyes look green because of an extra layer of cells behind their retinas!

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