7 Traits Of People Who Are Great At Relationships


Having a healthy and loving relationship induces a sense of relief and happiness; thus helps in leading a stress-free life by achieving many successes. Like many other things in life, some people seem to be better at relationships when compared to others. Most of these people in healthy relationships, share a few key traits. Here is a list of 7 common traits which these people possess in their healthy relationships:

7 Common traits of people

traits of people1. They love and accept their partners for who they are!

Yes, people can change at times; but not all that much. And if you are constantly trying to change or motivate your partner to do something small which they don’t want to do like quit smoking or exercise more; then it’s perfect because all these small kind of work partners can easily do for each other. Supporting each other in all that we want to do in life is actually a beautiful thing. But, a wholesale change in one’s habit or personality should not be asked for; you should love and accept the partners for what they are.


traits of people2. They don’t skimp on the snuggling

Humans generally have a strong desire to be touched and held by the people closest to them; especially regular physical connections are incredibly important, which is also proven by science. According to a Psychology research about affection and happiness;there is no connection between the amount of physical affection and conflict for a couple, but cuddling, kissing and hugging were all associated with how simply and easily the couple can resolve the conflict they experience.



traits of people3. They really listen

Cultivating good listening skills is indeed a good thing for all kinds of relationships; whether from those with your friends to those with your siblings and parents. But many people tune their significant partners out; the very important people who needs and deserves your focus and attention. Tell me, what’s a greater act of care and love than really making the time in listening to what someone you admire and love has to say?


traits of people4. They don’t expect their partner to “make them happy”

It’s a well known fact that only you can make yourself happy i.e.it’s the work you must do from your inside. Of course, you can ask for support and love from your significant partner in order to achieve your goals which will make you happier like time off for a retreat or request daily meditation time; but you are the only who have got the ultimate responsibility for your own happiness.




traits of people5. They are generous

Being generous and giving is a routine way to show love for your partner. But, that doesn’t mean you have to buy presents or expensive jewelry. However, it does mean giving them the bigger slice of pie by rubbing their shoulders when they are stressed or by bringing them a cup of tea. Regular generosity helps in showing your partner that they are loved in a small and quiet ways.


traits of people6. They talk it out and keep talking

Everyone always agrees that‘an honest communication is an essential thing’; but only few people do the work to make it a reality. Having disagreements or fights is natural and a healthy thing. It’s what you do afterwards, that matters. Talk it out (meaning that you have to say the things you really feel) and then listen closely. Keep going and keep listening! This is indeed the real work; although it is hard, but it is incredibly rewarding as it brings you closer to your significant partner and also brings a greater understanding between the two of you.


traits of people7. They are genuine

It’s really easy to start a relationship based on a perfect, shiny and happy version of who you are to attract the other person. But actually its dishonesty, and thus, you will have to keep up the facade over the long term. Or else, you will eventually end up showing your true colors and then you have to renegotiate your relationship from almost a new perspective. Try to be yourself from the beginning; so that everyone will actually know what they are getting into. It might happen that some people won’t like you; but that’s really OK!

So these are the some of the common traits found in the people which help them to lead a healthy relationship. One should also induce these traits in oneself so as to have a great relationship.

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