7 shocking facts about the human body that will scare the life out of you!


Did you ever imagine what would happen when your skin will start looking like the bark of a tree! It will scare the life out of you, isn’t it? Tell me, how well do you know your own body? What if I tell you certain things about the human body which will be so shocking and they will spook you out so much that you won’t be able to sleep at night! Here are 7 such amazing yet shocking facts:

Scary Facts about Human Body



1. Demodex!

Did you ever think why your eye twitches sometimes? It is because of the mites who are living in your eyelashes and feed on your skin! They are generally harmless with one-third of a millimeter in length and are called Demodex.



2. Dust under the bed!

Do you ever wonder that most of the dust under your bed is actually your own dead skin? Yeah, you heard it right. You are always shedding your dead skin, contributing a considerable amount of the dust you find in your house!



3. Enzymes!

The same enzymes that help you to digest your food and provide you the energy will begin to eat you up within three days of your death! They will actually start eating up your body!




4. Bacteria!

It has been proved that there are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in this whole world! Eh, this is creepy!



5. Bioluminescent!

Your body is bioluminescent! Yes, you all glow in the dark. But the light emitted by the human body is too low to be seen by the naked eyes.



6. Human Papillomavirus!

Genital warts are caused by the dangerous STI, Human Papillomavirus (HPV). And if they are not treated properly, on time; the skin of a human body will start to look like the bark of a tree!






7. Again the creepy bacteria’s!

Your belly button has around 65 kinds of bacteria living in it! The flesh of your navel is a home to millions of bacteria.




Now probably you won’t look at your body the same way you used to look earlier!
At last, one more about our body; you are shorter when you go to sleep as your body shrinks by 1 cm during that time!

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