7 Reasons Why a North Indian Wedding is unfair to the bride’s family


Marriages are made in heaven; but its expenses surely not heavenly. There are hundreds of things required for a marriage ceremony to be a success. Both the groom and bride’s families are happy to see their children starting a new chapter of their lives. Hence, both the families want to make sure that the newlyweds are provided everything they will require in their married life. However, in North India, the weddings seem to be only the bride’s family affair. The bride’s family is expected to arrange a lot of things during the ceremony, apart from bearing most of the expenses. With this scenario, it’s pretty apparent that a North Indian wedding is unfair to the bride’s family. Here are 10 strong reasons why I feel so.

North Indian wedding1. The venue of the wedding is decided by the groom’s family; while the bride’s family pays for it:

Even today, in North India and many parts of India, the bride’s family is considered to be inferior than the groom’s family. The groom and his family are regarded as nothing less than gods. As a result, most of the decisions regarding the marriage ceremony are taken by the groom’s family; deciding the venue for the wedding is one of them. In addition to this, a North Indian wedding is known for its pomp and show. Unfortunately, the groom’s family seldom pays for all these expenditures.

North Indian wedding2. Food is also decided by the groom’s family and again, the bride’s family bears the expenses:

This is yet another unfair thing that happens in a North India wedding. In order to showcase their prestige in front of guests, groom’s family takes efforts to select the best and most expensive menu. The bride’s family, as usual, pays for the meal of all the guests; whether they are from their side or the groom’s side.  It’s really unfair to the bride’s family that they don’t even get the freedom to select food items.

North Indian wedding3. Car, cash, jewelry… that’s not dowry, it’s a gift!

This is so typical North Indian wedding. It is a common understanding amongst the North Indian families that a girl should bring things like car, cash and jewelry along with her, as she will be now ‘fed’ and ‘taken care’ by her husband’s family. Moreover, she will be now a part of the groom’s family property. As a result, she is supposed to bring these ‘gift’s along, so that she won’t be a ‘burden’ on her husband and his family.

North Indian wedding4. The bride’s family is the ultimate host of the hundreds of guests from the groom’s side:

Well, this is another misconception in a North Indian wedding that the whole ceremony is arranged only by the bride’s family. That’s why, they are also supposed to attend and entertain the guests from the groom’s side; even if they are in their own town. The groom’s family generally treats themselves as the chief guests during this whole ceremony.


North Indian wedding

5. Furniture and household items should be given by the bride’s family:

Newlyweds will certainly require a lot of things to start their married life. However, this responsibility is also supposedly borne by the bride’s parents. Be it furniture, electronics like TV, washing machine, refrigerator or utensils; the girl’s parents need to arrange everything.

North Indian wedding6. Buying gifts for the guests:

During the wedding ceremony, there is a ritual of offering gifts to the guests from both sides. Here, the guests from the bride’s side are given gifts by the groom’s parents and vice versa. However, groom’s parents seldom think about the budget of the bride’s parents and include all possible guests from their side in this ceremony. The girl’s parents have to accept this no matter what.

North Indian wedding


7. Paying for the transportation of the groom’s guests:

In rural parts of North India, even today, bride’s parents pay for the transportation expenses of the groom’s guests. Though it’s an additional expenditure for the bride’s family, it is solely their responsibility in a North Indian wedding.



Looking at these 7 points, one can really feel pity for the bride’s family.

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