7 Less Talked About Feelings That Are Warning Signs Of Depression


Till now, so much has been written about depression, but not much has been talked about. It maybe, because it will still take some more time for people to understand that depression is not madness! And that’s why, they read about it, they even write about it, and at the end they keep their sessions with counselors discreet from their close ones. This post is especially written for all those people who feel that they are just perpetually sad people and they never know how to set free their wings of spontaneity. Here is a list of 7 less talked about feelings, which might actually be warning signs of depression:

Warning Signs Of Depression

1. When even minutest of things don’t go as per you desires, you start to scream internally

You feel your head warming up from inside and just because they will name tag you as crazy; you let your anger consume you internally. You become irritable, fuming, and because of the inability to let it all out; you even feel the lump of a blocked weep in your throat. Being short tempered is one thing of its kind, but being perpetually angry is altogether another thing that needs attention.

Signs Of Depression

2. You want to cry, but you can’t

Sometimes, tears flow out effortlessly when the sound of a weeping goat makes you feel like you have had a head injury. While some other times, they keep you choked up as was mentioned in the above point and that’s why you keep crying a river inside!

3. Your good days don’t let you feel good internally

Good days come and go away just like the sad days! But, depression does not go in an instant. It stays and you keep feeling blue; no matter just how remarkable are the compliments that you are getting. And at the end, what pulls you down most is when people start to say that ‘everything is just right on track in your life, what can possibly be tormenting you!’

Signs Of Depression

4. Success does not excite you

Literally, success means nothing at all for you. In fact, at times, you often dream of NOT becoming a successful professional. Your ultimate goal of life should remain as happiness and only happiness. This is actually true for even those people, who are not exactly working themselves into depression.

5. Your perception of reality remains heavily distorted

For others, it is only solid colors and also, only right and wrong. However, your life finds explanations in the hues that make solid colors. Also, your life finds explanations in the situations that lead to right and wrong.

Signs Of Depression

6. You know it is important for you to discuss it out, yet you can’t

Every time you bite the bullet to let the gloomy lump run out of your throat, your voice becomes heavy, your hands start to shiver, you stammer and it physically hurts. And at the end of it, you still can’t discuss it!

7. And every time you think of getting help, you feel guilty

All those times when others tagged you as a weak, it starts to ring mayhem in your ears. You feel miserable over the fact that you are not able to come out of it on your own. But, let me remind you, depression needs medical attention and that’s surely does not make you a weak. Obviously, it takes courage to hunt for help for something, which is still a big taboo in this country!

Signs Of Depression

Some of other warning signs of depression includes: you don’t have many friends but despite knowing that you did nothing wrong to damage the bond; still you are losing on the current ones; also things that were once your favorite, don’t excite you at all now and you are persistently criticizing yourself!

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