7 Most Incredible And Exquisitely Beautiful Road Trips in America!


No matter whether you are an adventure freak or a retired person, almost everybody loves to go out of their homes for an incredible and exquisitely beautiful road trips. There are many factors considered for calling out a road trip to be an incredible one. Some of these factors include the scenic beauty; especially the views of the water, magnificent and breathtaking mountains, some historic houses or monuments, and of course some of the unique and amazing natural features. And, believe me; America has got many incredible roads, which one can’t forget during his life time. So, here we present before you the list of 7 most incredible and exquisitely beautiful road trips of America:

Exquisitely beautiful road trips of the USA!

Road Trips1. The High Road to Taos, N.M.

If you are an adventure freak, and also love to feel the ancient time; then this could be one of the finest trips you could ever have! Giving a glimpse of ancient Indian pueblos, wildflower meadows, deserts and artists’ colonies; this road is between two Spanish colonies, Santa Fe and Taos.


Road Trips2. Loop Road, Acadia National Park, Maine!

The Loop Road around the Acadia National Park in Maine is one of the astounding and astonishing places for nature lovers. The 27 mile long, two lane arteries here provides some of the most amazing and stunning views during the trip.


Road Trips3. Overseas Highway, Florida!

How would you feel if I say that you have to frequently drive beside a turquoise sea? No, it’s not a dream, its reality! The 7 mile long bridge from Key Largo through Islamorada is amazingly beautiful, and will provide you some of the breathtaking and astonishing views of the serene blue water!


Road Trips4. Delaware Water Gap, Pa. and N.J.

The Delaware Water Gap trip crosses from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. The journey provides a glimpse of fresh blue water, and believe me, its really tough to keep your eyes off the natural beauty here.



Road Trips5. Going to the Sun Road, Montana!

Going to the Sun Road in Montana is one of the best paths to have a road trip. Almost all lists of best road trips in America would definitely have this name out there! The beautiful breathtaking mountain peaks and exquisitely beautiful snow covered scenery would definitely lure anybody out there.


Road Trips6. Route 12, Utah!

Running at a significant altitude of 9,000 feets, from Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, Route 12 provides some of the most stunning views of the world. The road goes through some of the amazing looking forested mountains, and even provides a glimpse of stunning bald mountains in Boulder.


Road Trips7. Pacific Coast Highway, Route 1, California!

One of my personal favorite, Pacific Coast Highway, Route 1 running through California, Oregon, and Washington provides some of the magnificent and jaw dropping views. The amazing scenery of the Pacific Ocean out here along with coastal mountains makes this road wonderful and stunning.


Even, the 200 miles long stretch of Highway 2 in Nebraska features dramatic sand hills, marshes, remote countryside, expansive farmland and wetlands and winding rivers. It is therefore one of the most loved and incredible road trip of the United States.

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