7 Good Benefits Of Drinking Warm Lemon Water In The Morning


Lemon is an amazing antiseptic and a gulp of lime juice can give you a fresh start of the day. Lemon water works as a wonder for people who have heart problems. It also plays a very vital role of blood purifier. Lime juice is thus beneficial for the digestion, liver functioning and it also prevents respiratory infections. It’s the best drink one can have anytime. Here is a list of 7 shocking benefits of warm lemon water:

Benefits of drinking warm lemon water

Lemon Water1. Lemon water powers up the morning with electrolytes

Most of the people starts their day with a cup of tea or coffee; but do you know that drinking warm lemon water after a cup of coffee in the morning is even better. The hydrating electrolytes present in the lemon in the form of calcium and magnesium helps in starting the day in the right way.



Lemon Water2. It improves digestion

Lemon contains the citric acid, which stimulates the production of the digestive enzymes. Also, you should drink plenty of warm lemon water to make sure that fiber doesn’t get stuck in the bowels.




Lemon Water3. Cures respiratory infections

Lemons are usually loaded with Vitamin C. And this Vitamin C helps in soothing a sore throat and also tonsil’s inflammation; and thus helps in fighting unwanted inflammation.




Lemon Water4. It speeds up weight loss

Though exercise is necessary; but drinking a glass of warm lemon water in the morning can add extra energy for your day. Lemons are loaded with antioxidants and thus can boost the metabolism also.





Lemon Water5. Lemon water also cleanses the blood

Antioxidants present in the lemon helps in neutralizing free radicals, which may exist in the body. And as a result of this, the cardiovascular system will remain healthier.




Lemon Water6. Lemon water also diminishes heartburn

One must take a teaspoon of lime juice per glass of water. And a glass of warm lemon water helps in diminishing the heartburn.




Lemon Water7. It keeps your joints healthy

Drinking warm lemon water in the morning helps in keeping the joints healthier. At the same time, it also reduces joints and muscle pain.




Lemon water also improves liver functioning and also helps to regulate the bowel movements.

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