6 Highways In India That Are Believed To Be Haunted


While some highways in India are renowned for their high number of mishaps; but some have even more mysterious side to them. We all usually love scary stories and especially when the stories contain experiences of the real life; then it actually becomes all the more interesting. So, here is a list of 6 highways in India, which are believed to be haunted:

Haunted highways in India

Highways In India1. KasaraGhat, Mumbai-Nashik highway

That stretch of the Mumbai-Nashik highway, which is passing through the place known as KasaraGhat, is believed to be haunted. Many people have claimed that they had seen an old headless lady, which usually sits on the trees. Also, the creepy bushes and trees which are looming up on both sides of the road make it even worse.


Highways In India2. Jamshedpur NH33

The only highway in India, where the total number of non-fatal accidents is less than the total number of fatal accidents. This highway is infamous for the high number of deaths and a particular stretch of the highway is the most notorious area where most of the accidents happen. Many people have claimed that an evil soul is behind all these accidents and that’s why this valley is considered to be haunted. The Van Devi Temple is of prime importance here for blessings to safeguard people from accidents.


Highways In India3. East coast road, Chennai-Pondicherry

The beautiful East coast road, a two-lane highway is renowned for its scenery and smooth roads. But, things start to get a little creepy after the sunset. People have claimed that a woman, who usually walks and breaks the concentration and focus of the drivers, is the main reason behind all the accidents. Even people have experienced a sudden, inexplicable drop in the temperature across a particular stretch of the highway.


Highways In India4. KashediGhat, Mumbai-Goa highway

A ghost of a person is believed to be appearing on this particularKashediGhat. The ghost usually appears in front of the vehicles and then signals them to stop. And the people, who don’t stop by speeding up and overrun him, usually end up meeting freaky accidents. It is always advisable here to drive cautiously through this particular stretch of the highway.


Highways In India5. NH-209, Satyamanglam wildlife sanctuary corridor

This particular stretch of the highway is considered to be one of the most scariest and haunted places in Tamil Nadu. Many weird sightings of lanterns have been reported to be seen floating in the air. And moreover, this forest was used to be the home of the bandit Veerappan.


Highways In India6. NH 11A, Off Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur highway

An alternate route to Delhi via Alwar, NH 11A passes through the most haunted fort, Bhangarh fort, is believed to be the home of many paranormal sightings and activities. And drivers are advised either to be cautious while driving through this stretch or else not to use this particular route at all!


Although all these highways are believed to be the most haunted ones; but it is advised to drive carefully and cautiously everywhere so that accidents are prevented to a greater extent.

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