10 Picnic Spots near Delhi: Perfect for weekends



People living in Delhi lead a life which is very fast, and weekends are usually boring. Maximum for a change people visit to the nearby mall, have lunch/dinner and shop.

How about doing something different for a change during weekends by exploring few places in Delhi which are perfect for weekends where you can spend the day relaxing out at a lakeside, or a picnic in a beautiful forest.

Check out some of these picnic spots near Delhi for an exciting weekend trip:

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary1. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

Located on the northern terminal of Aravalli Hill Range, it is a home to a wide range of birds. There are five hidden lakes with shiny blue water which together form a beautiful natural sight making it a perfect picnic spot in Delhi during the summers.

Distance from Delhi is 27 Kilometres, which is approximately 1 hour drive.


Camp Wild Dhauj2. Camp Wild Dhauj

Covered by the beautiful Aravali Hills, Camp Wild is perfect location to reconnect with nature at the same time indulge in adventurous activities like Rock Climbing, Rappelling, & River crossing. Apart from this you can enjoy seeing exotic birds and also get a feel of the life in a village.

Distance from Delhi is 33 Kilometres, which is approximately 1 hour drive.


Manesar3. Manesar

Manesar Heritage Village Resort is a perfect place to spend a weekend. A quiet and lovely village with the essence of Rajasthani culture. Do not miss the enchanting Heritage Transport Museum and the beautiful glimpse of the migratory birds at the Sultanpur bird Sanctuary.

Distance from Delhi is 45 Kilometres, which is approximately 1 hour drive.



Damdama4. Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake is a perfect picnic spot during the summer near Delhi. Covered with the backdrop of the magnificent Aravalli hills. You can enjoy boating at the lake and many adventurous activities like rock climbing, hot air ballooning, para sailing, trekking and camping.

Distance from Delhi is 50 Kilometres, which is approximately 1.5 hour drive.


Botanix Nature Resort5. Botanix Nature Resort

Spectacular 30 acre park with landscape showcasing the Stone Age. An exclusive mixture of an adventure camp and a farm, this location is a perfect one day picnic near Delhi to relax and chill.

Distance from Delhi is 51 Kilometres, which is approximately 1.5 hour drive.


Baghaan Orchard Retreat6. Baghaan Orchard Retreat

Beautiful fields and orchards all around this lovely Mango Orchard Resort in Garhmukteshwar, perfect place to be in with family.  Spend your time relaxing in the pool or enjoy the activities like rappelling and archery, take a bullock cart ride around the nearby village.

Distance from Delhi is 110 Kilometres, which is approximately 2 hour drive.


Sariska7. Sariska

Sariska is the nearest place from Delhi where you can see a Tiger .No problem for people who are not interested to see wildlife, you can still spend a relaxed picnic on the side of the majestic Lake Siliserh.

Distance from Delhi is 170 Kilometres, which is approximately 3 hour drive.




Nahan8. Nahan

Mostly popular for its cool and peaceful ambience. Naturally decorated with lakes, scenic peaks and forest. Make sure to visit Renuka lake, the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh, Rani Tal garden and Suketi Fossil Park.

Distance from Delhi is 260 Kilometres, which is approximately 5 hour drive, you can also travel by train till Ambala and further take a cab to get to Nahan.


Camp Roxx9. Camp Roxx

Located at the foothills of Himalayas and bounded by still water streams, Camp Roxx provides sufficient opportunities for a beautiful and exciting holiday. Enjoy long nature walks or engage in some of the activities like Rappelling, River Crossing, and fox flying.

Distance from Delhi is 275 Kilometres, which is approximately 5-6 hour drive, you can also travel by train till Chandigarh and further take a cab/taxi to get to Camp Roxx.


Morni10. Morni

Morni is the highest point of Panchkula and gives a beautiful view of the Morni Hills. Perfect to camp and enjoy adventurous activities. Do not miss seeing the old fort and trek the mandhana cliff.

Distance from Delhi is 276 Kilometres, which is approximately 5-6 hour drive, you can also travel by train till Chandigarh which is around 42 kms  and further take a cab/taxi or government buses to get to Morni.


With so many places to explore, the list of places is lot bigger and there is a lot more to experience every weekend. So whenever you are in Delhi do check out some of these beautiful places for adventure and fun.

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