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10 Amazing facts about the black hole

10 Amazing facts about the black hole


Black Hole is the region in space from where nothing can escape; not even light or a planet; simply nothing. Black Hole swallows everything and prevents them from returning back. It is called a “black hole” because it sucks up all the light and reflects nothing. It is formed when an amply compact mass deforms space and time. A black hole has a defined surface known as the “event horizon” which marks the point of no return.

Recent theories stated that every black hole contains a Universe and that we’re inside a black hole right now and that the Universe itself started when a four-dimensional star collapsed into a black hole.

Here are ten amazing facts about Black Hole:

1. Times Slows Down1. tumblr_nmk6e9Ksx91s1vn29o1_1280

According to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, time is affected by how fast you go, when you are at extreme speeds close to light. Black hole warps time and space and slows it down. This is well illustrated in the 2014 movie “INTERSTELLAR” how a black hole affects time and space.


2. Slide345


2. Nearest Black Hole is almost 1,600 light years away

The nearest black hole is most likely to be 1,600 light years away and not close enough to be dangerous but its way closer than what is expected by scientists. Further research shows that the black hole is not actually 1,600 light years away, it is more than that.


3. Black Hole at the center of The Milky Way3. Slide545

There is a massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way and it is 30,000 light years away and way bigger than our thoughts, it is 30 million times as large as our Sun.


4. Slide1546


4. Different types of black hole

It is believed that there are different types of black holes depending on the amount of energy it pulls out when it distorts space. They are spinning black holes, electrical black holes and spinning electrical black holes.


5. Law of Physics Breaks Down5.Slide2346

Black Hole crushes matter to infinity density, and space and time cease to exist. When this happens, laws of physics break down as it is not humanly possible to conceive of anything with zero volume and infinite density.


6. Huge Size of Black Holesdfa

According to NASA, there are three types of black holes ranging from relative squeakers to those that dominate a Galaxy’s Center. The smallest kind is the Primordial Black Holes which range in size from one atom’s size to mountains mass. The most common type of black hole is the Stellar Black Holes which  are 20 times massive than our own Sun and are sprinkled in dozens within the Milky Way. Now the supermassive black holes is the Gargantuan Black Holes in the center of the galaxy, which each is more than one million times massive than the Sun. How these monsters are formed have no explaination yet.




7. First Black Hole

Cygnus X-1 was first found during the balloon flights ion 1960s but wasn’t really identified as a black hole for decade.



8. Slide1647


8. Albert Einstein Not discovered Black Hole

It was not Albert Einstein who discovered Black Hole. He only revived the theory of black hole in 1916. It was John Mitchell, a scientist, in 1783 actually discovered black hole and developed the theory about it after he wondered whether a gravitational force can be so strong that even light couldn’t escape it.

9.wormhole_v2_by_acidcliff9. Wormholes Similar to Black Holes

A wormhole is a theoretical opening in space time allowing a shortcut through intervening space to another location in the Universe.


10. black-holes-krunal-saija-11-638



10. Formation Of Black Holes

When stars collapsed in on themselves after death, black holes are form. They keep growing by eating the dust and gas around them. No one had still figured out how the supermassive black holes are born.


Black holes are an interesting phenomenon. Scientists around the globe are trying to solve the mystery behind the black hole so as to understand the Universe.

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